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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 12, March, 2011

Somehow, my post on endurance [] has become pretty popular lately.
Well, last Saturday I practiced another endurance once again.
But more importantly, I hope my post of endurance can encourage you all.

It was last weekend to officially gather the Attributes survey from CHC members.
We really went all the way in approaching the customers.
The first shift managed to score 150 hardcopies! They really broke the record! Last time it had been 117 by Expo Sat B. But with 150, Cheryl’s team became the champion.
Well done to those who served with Cheryl last Saturday! Hmm, maybe Attributes should have come up with an award for the highest-survey-collecting team.
The second shift, led by Morgan and Jayson, only managed to score 123 hardcopy survey. It was understandable, nevertheless, as second shift team did not have plenty manpower.
Maybe, Attributes should also come up with an award for the most-effective-survey-collecting team? (to compensate the number of serving members?)


Sweets really sells quickly as compared to books!

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We celebrated Jiayi’s birthday.

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30% discount for JW moving out sales.

I went down to B4 Auditorium and collected some surveys from the members who were waiting for their friends while reserving the seats. I also went up to level 4 to collect the survey from people who were fellowshipping. It was quite tiring to get from them as I had to wait for the moment they stopped talking to each other (I should not interrupt people when they are having fun). Furthermore, I stood for almost all the time in level 4. Really it was a lesson of endurance. Nevertheless, it felt great to see the team scored very well in hardcopy collection.

Pastor Kong preached about 10 gates in Jerusalem in Neh 3. Unfortunately, I did not manage to take any note of it. Nevertheless, I remember roughly that each gate represents each element of our walk with the Lord. For instance, Valley Gate speaks of humility as the Bible often consider valley as something with low position whereas Fish Gate speaks of evangelism as the Bible calls Apostle Peter fisher of men.

Tiring Saturday, of course. Yet, Wei Qiang and Jessica offered to drive me back to hostel. Thanks a lot, Wei Qiang and Jessica!!

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Free Food Friday 11, March, 2011

Another free lunch and dinner and meal over the weekend.

Thank God, managed to save plenty $$!

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Quote of the Day

I remember the Temple as it used to be: a place of worship. I prayed within its chambers and meditated among its gardens. I was happy then; at peace.” (Akama the Broken)

Sometimes, the past brought more joy than the present..

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