Karaoke Session 24, March, 2011

If you happen to see my FB account, you can see me uploading videos on Karaoke Session last Thursday.
We had it a The Chevrons Jurong East. Apparently the CG Fund was very fat that we decided to make it go to the gym (aka use it up).
Initially we planned to book it for two hours. In the end, we extended it to three hours.
Guess what? CG Fund balance became negative!! Give us a big hand!! (*clap clap clap).

Sher Lyn, Sherly, Shirley, Daniel, Gerald, Kuo Wei, Alex, Chern Siang, Thomas, Edwin, Shaun, Charmaine and I were the main singers of the day.
The rests, including my leader, were too shy.

I sang “Heal The World”, “Titanic”, “If I Let You Go”, and “Fool Again”. I wrongly chose the last song as I mistook it as another song. Well, I am not familiar with that last song, unfortunately.

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The crowd was quite big.

Sean, Andrea, Audrey, Zhao Hua, Joanna will join our CG. And there they were, with us at The Chevrons.


A comment from my leader: “I did not know you all could sing. Next time, we take turn to lead Praise and Worship.”

Unpublicized talent, that is.

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