Summary of Saturday’s Happening 26, March, 2011

Tiring but inspiring and exciting at the same time.

In the morning I helped out in Attributes as it needed plenty help for the set up. I was there at Suntec, sacrificing my morning sleep, as I wanted to exercise as well Smile with tongue out We managed to finish the duty and the team A continued with the display of the products. I was seriously exhausted by then.

The praise and worship session touched me a lot. The LORD has blessed CHC with a new day, new journey ahead of us. Likewise, I felt the LORD prompting me about a new hope. My past pain and disappointment are over. A new hope, a new day has emerged.

Pastor Phil preached about the power of praise, worship and thanksgiving. Through them, I can bind the devil, draw close to God and I can experience freedom in Him. Such a fantastic sermon! It is in concert with my “Personal Testimony” page.

It was a bit difficult to find empty venue for dinner time. Nevertheless, we managed to find one at Toast Box City Link Mall.

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Thank God for such a great in His house and with friends!

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