Leaders’ Meeting 29, March, 2011

A wonderful leaders’ meeting last night.


Morgan opened with an invitation to give thanks to God for all His goodness. When things are up, we give thanks for His blessing. When things are down, we give thanks for His strength so we could go through. Edmund led us in worship and gave some a word of encouragement: God is good and God will surely deliver us from any challenges ahead of us.
Really, each session of Leaders’ Meeting feels like a CG meeting.
In fact, Robin came forward and gave some “discipleship” session. He wanted the members to pay attention to details and to able to multitask. He urged the members to read books so they could recommend some good titles to the customers. The members should not recommend certain titles just because they are on discount.

Hmm, in a few occasions I managed to recommend some good stuffs to the customers. In particular, “Who You Are When No One’s Looking” is seriously a good buy. Since I have Bible Glo, I could convince a customer to purchase one too. Unfortunately, nowadays I seldom read books as I am busy with work. Perhaps I will just listen to sermon. I bought many sermon titles in the past which I have not written review on. Hmm, need to listen to God’s Word more often.

My team, Project 1 Team, presented the result of survey and gave some recommendation to the leaders. Weiqiang made such a good analysis and presentation!

“This Project 1 team is like a seed that falls on a good ground,” Jayson commended us.

We did it! We finished the race well!

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praise the LORD for His blessing so we could make it. He blessed us with time management skill, intelligence to analyze and endurance to gather the surveys.


When I speak of you, I will regard you as a hero! One who never lost his faith! A splendid performance.. Hanzou-Dono! (Mifune)

Indeed, it was a splendid performance from Project 1 Team!

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