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Verse of the Day

“Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” (I Samuel 14:6)

In this passage, Jonathan was about to attack a group of Philistines. There were only, however, Jonathan and his armor bearer. There were about 20 Philistines which they had to kill (verse 14).
Think about it. Both of them were seriously outnumbered 2 against 20. They could have been easily killed. Yet, Jonathan came up with this statement of faith as he put his trust in the LORD.

Small chance or big chance; it does not affect the Lord from acting.
God is specialized in making the impossible possible.
The question is: are we courageous enough to act according to His promise regardless of our circumstance?

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Shoes, oh, Shoes

Before treatment:


After treatment:


Need to save more money, ok?

Anyway, don’t worry. I have two other sets of shoes which are much newer.

I just want to ensure this pair is completely spoilt before I dispose it to the dustbin.

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Picture and Quote of the Day

items_flameofhope (credit goes to Vampire Wars)

There is still this little light.. little more chance..

“For all the dreamers: Our planet’s dream is not over yet.” (Chrono Cross)

It is not over yet.. not the end yet..

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 19, March, 2011

A busy day in Suntec. It was really straining day for me as Attributes needed a lot of help. We changed the layout several times so as to maximize the space. When I came, the air con was off. Fortunately, I dressed up in sports attire. Many times I had to go back and forth to the restroom to wipe the sweat out.

We settled most of the setting up at 11 am. Then, we had lunch.

190320111504 190320111507 190320111506

At McDonald. Hmm, food price around Suntec is pretty expensive, actually. I guess next time I should just buy food from NTU and bring it to Suntec.

I accompanied Boon Kiat to get more stuffs from office and bring them over to Suntec. Gleg, what an exercise! As soon as I arrived back in Suntec, I changed attire to formal dress and started serving the customers.

Finally, service time began.

190320111509 190320111511

A new stage in Suntec. Pastor Kong preached about love. City Harvest Church is really founded on love for God and others.


Despite everything that occurs, we all choose love.

Service then end. We celebrated Daniel’s birthday. The video is available on FB but only KS Zone people can view it. After the celebration, I continued serving in the bookstore.

190320111522 190320111520 190320111519

Some display and sales of the day.

When the duty was about to end, we took photo too.


My previous team. Now I am under Jayson.


And dinner at Food Republic. Thank God that stall was still open. Most of the stalls were closed by that time.

200320111544 200320111543

From a humble beginning, CHC has grown strong and impacted the society. God has fulfilled His promise toward us!

It’s now time to usher a new week.

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CG Meeting 17, March, 2011

A wonderful time over preaching of God’s Word and fellowship over cheese cakes.

My leader talked about servant hood. Indeed, whenever there is a chance for us to serve, we need to serve. God has given each of us certain skill so we can complement each other through servant hood. It will be indeed selfish if we keep our talent for ourselves and if we do not want to benefit others. In fact, in case we have not discovered our talent, we can discover it when we serve others. CHC has plenty ministries for the members to serve. As CHC moves to Suntec, all ministries will definitely conduct a membership recruitment program as they all need more volunteers. Really God blesses us so we can become a blessing to others. One way to bless others is by serving them.

Just in case you have not had any ministry, please consider joining Attributes bookstore, ok?

170320111502170320111498 170320111503 170320111499

Fellowship over food. It was a fun time of jokes, smiles and laughs.

Do look forward to next week’s event, ok? Something exciting is coming…

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Quote of the Day

“Everything that is, is alive.” (The Wind element)

As long as there is life, there is hope.
As long as there is hope, there is life.

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Quote of the Day

“I think part of me knew even then, that the Black Temple had only traded one evil master for another.” (Akama the Broken)

One evil for another..
One .. for another..
For another..

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