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CG Meeting 31, March, 2011 + Photo of the Day

Sean volunteered his house to be used as CG Venue. It was quite some walk from Petir LRT. But at least, we managed to find a venue Smile Thank God for that! Well, the past few weeks had been difficult as we could no longer use the venue at Springdale. Also, in the past, there were about 10-12 people in his house. In contrast, last night there were 30 people! Well, even James commented, “I could hear your voice on the road!” although the venue was at level 8!!

My leader preached about the Day of Pentecost, the day of revival. Just like the church moved mightily and expanded significantly in the past, God wants the church nowadays to win as many people as possible. In the end, he told us to find a purpose why God has placed each of us in our respective place. Aside from doing well in the work or study place, we are supposed to reach out to the people around us.

We also celebrated Verene’s birthday!!



Anyone of you can tell what is wrong with this picture?


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