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Freebies of the Day


My old lab coat with yellow stain and holes here and there.


My NEW, SHINY and FREE labcoat.

CBC committee rocks!

Thank you so much, Kezia!

Praise the LORD!!

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 3, April, 2011

Met Jorim and Audrey jie at Raffles City McDonald. There I helped Jorim in his study of Geography. Luckily Geography is more on analysis and logic, rather than memorizing facts and figures.


Audrey jie passed this books for me. Thanks a lot, jie!!

Three of us then went over to Suntec and we started the serving in the bookstore. It was a special weekend as we sold God of My Universe CD for 17 bucks only. Family Day weekend service, that is.

Parents and kids were together in the main service. The Children Church band led the congregation in Praise and Worship. It is great to see the potential of the next generation. In the word of Asuma Sarutobi, they are the “kings” who will ensure the continuation of the future. And not forgetting.. baby dedication!

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I want to have a lot of kids in the future. More kids = more fun.

Pastor Kong preached about the story of Prodigal Son. In all his doing, the father accepted his son back because of his mercy to him. A surprise: Pastor Kong asked the children to answer some questions. Those who were courageous enough to go forward to the stage received a gift from Toys R Us regardless of what answer they gave.

Pastor Kong: “Why did the son leave home?”

Kid 1:                “There were plenty home works at home.”

Kid 2:               “He wanted to have fun outside.”

Kid 3:                “Temptation and desire.”

Pastor Kong taught us three functions of family: 1.) Family is a shelter from storm. 2.) Family is learning center for life. 3.) Family is a place to play.

After the service, I went back to bookstore. Toward to the end of serving time, I purchased the following:


Furthermore, we celebrated Gad’s, Zhan Rong’s, Mike,s, Joan’s, Janice’s and Elgees’s birthday.

020420111657 020420111658 020420111655 020420111656

Auntie Dorinna made the birthday cake herself!!

020420111661 020420111659

Thank you so much, Auntie Dorinna!

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