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Bible Study Book of Ezekiel Part 2

Pastor Kong taught us the second part of Bible Study on the Book of Ezekiel last night. Really I learned many things. At least, these are the main points of the teaching:

– Ezekiel ate the scroll. It teaches us that the Word of God must be made flesh in our flesh. It has to become part of our being, not just our thinking.

– Righteousness goes beyond legal position before God (at the moment of accepting Christ). It is a lifelong process.

– Noah, Daniel and Job served as role models for us to live righteously in the midst of crooked generation.

– True Christians always feel self-disgust and self-despair over their sins, just like Apostle Paul.

– Sometimes, it is very easy to slip into worshipping the blessing instead of the Blesser.

– In the end times, the angel of God will go around the world and mark the believers on their forehead so they will not be destroyed together with the wicked.

– Stumbling block is there to remove the carnal Christians from the body of Christ.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, if you happen to miss any of the teaching session, do get a copy of the sermon in Attributes today, ok?

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