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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 9, April, 2011

Bookstore set up was delayed due to a delay: the contractor did not lay the carpet early enough.
As a result, many of us who had come there had to wait until about 2 pm for the real duty to start.
Meanwhile, I helped Jia Xuan jie in setting up bookstore in Chinese church.

At about 3 pm, an accident happened: one of the Bible shelves suddenly fell down.
I tried to hold it. Unfortunately, the shelf+the Bibles were too heavy. So, it slid down and down on my hand.
Boon Kiat was squeezed in between one shelf in front of him and the falling book shelf behind him.
Luckily, he managed to come out with only bruise.
Soon enough, the sisters took the Bibles out of the broken shelf. Yifei sent Boon Kiat and me to Raffles Hospital at Bugis despite our insistence that we two were fine.

Undoubtedly, Boon Kiat and I had fun in the hospital.

090420111703 090420111704  090420111706

We came back to Suntec just to find everything was ready to sell and the Bibles were placed on IKEA tables.

Pastor Kong preached about Love Test. This test can determine if we are truly believers or if we are just following the motion of Christianity.

After the service, my CG had dinner.

090420111709 090420111712 090420111710

Pretty expensive place, I need to say.

Then, I went back to bookstore to celebrate.. Robin’s birthday! Our big boss’ birthday!

090420111713 090420111745

Last but not least, we took photo of the entire team.


Here is the photo of Attributes full time staffs.


Such a colorful Saturday indeed!