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Quotes of the Day + Picture of the Day

My FB has been full of funny statements. I shall write them here for recording purpose.
Somehow, I have been getting more and more poetical and philosophical.

“Behold, the power and the majesty of hopelessness..”
“After all is said and done, will peace emerge? Or, will pain do?”
“Frozen flame.. Silent melody.. Darkened stars..”
“Staying in shadow..”
“Life… am I looking for life..?”
“It was born out of sweet lie.. and it was dead in bitter lie..”
“Light I sought, but lie I found..”
“One deception after another..”
“Sometimes.. silence is the best melody one can ever hear..”
“Remember.. That sky of tears..”
“Go ahead.. forget.. and stop feeling..”
“Burn.. burn.. burn it to ashes…”
“A world devoid of seven colors..”
“Silence.. Nothingness..”

And here is my Profile Picture on FB

Sasuke's Susanoo 4b