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Arise and Build City Harvest Church+Financial Investigation

I happened to read God’s Word today about King David planning to build a house for God.
He was a man of war so God did not allow him to build a house for Him. In contrast, King Solomon was a man of peace. So, God allowed King Solomon to do so. Nevertheless, this did not stop King David to accumulate the materials necessary for the building project.

City Harvest has not conducted any building fund campaign since last June.
All this is due to the financial investigation. Hmm, I wonder when they will announce the conclusion.

Isn’t it clear that the church is clean and accountable in its management of finance?

Suntec project involves 310 million dollars money. Some people think it is a big money.
But really, this sum of money is achievable reasonably.
310 million in 10 years which means 31 million in 1 year. Imagine if there were only 10000 members giving for building fund, one member would only contribute 3100 dollars in a year, which is then translated into about 250-260 dollars in a month. This amount is comparable to monthly insurance premium, by the way.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this year building fund.
It will be really a test for me on how much I love God.

When I am attached, I don’t think I won’t mind spending more for my girlfriend.
Shouldn’t I do at least the same for God?
In fact, I should give more to God since God means more than a girlfriend.

Looking forward to Easter celebration! Stay tuned!