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Free Dinner 26, April, 2011


My supervisor passed me this food. Praise the LORD for the free meal!


My full dinner today.

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Easter Service 22, April, 2011 (“The Centurion” Drama)

I was supposed to meet a friend before the service. I was thinking of having dinner with her. In the end, she called me over the phone, “Jefri, I am sorry. I totally forgot about our appointment.”


And there I was, eating dinner alone


The drama “The Centurion” was really touching. Here are the characters: a soldier, his fiance, a friend of this soldier, Pontius Pilate, and Lord Jesus

A skilled Roman soldier had a very good friend whom he considered his own brother. One day, he was assigned to lead a legion of soldiers to fight against barbarians in the frontline whereas the friend was assigned to be in the reinforcement team. This soldier and the legion fought with all his might, yet they were defeated bitterly as the reinforcement never came to their aid at all. This soldier was captured by the enemy and became the war prisoner.

The friend told the fiance of this soldier the death of the soldier. Heartbroken, the fiance married this friend instead.

One day, this soldier managed to escape from the enemy’s camp. He was badly injured during the escape as he jumped off the cliff. He was then found unconscious by Lord Jesus’s disciples in Judea. Lord Jesus healed him and had him carried to the nearest inn. Upon waking up from his unconsciousness, this soldier resolved to go back to Rome. Lord Jesus gave him some money to help him along the way. This soldier promised to return the money to Him one day.

Upon his return to Rome, he was shocked to discover the truth: his good friend actually betrayed him: he intentionally left him to death and married his fiance through lie. The fiance also was surprised seeing that the soldier was still alive. Enraged, this soldier swore to kill his friend. First, he went back to Judea to meet Lord Jesus to return Him His money. Lord Jesus’ advice of forgetting bitterness did not seem to work at him.

He then organized an ambush to the friend’s house. After an intense exchange of slash and thrust, he managed to carry out his revenge. Before his death, the friend told the soldier a little about the fiance and their son. The soldier was extremely shocked. Pontius Pilate came to the scene and saw the soldier after the murderous act. The soldier pleaded his case with Pontius Pilate and asked him to find the fiance and the son. Pilate agreed, with the condition that this solder captured Lord Jesus.

Here the soldier was pitted against himself. He had killed his friend due to betrayal, and yet he had no choice but to betray Lord Jesus who had shown kindness to him.
And the end, the soldier decided to betray Lord Jesus, although he had to kill his own emotion and integrity to do so…

He led Lord Jesus’s arrestment and crucifixion. He was then forced to pierce Lord Jesus’ side with a spear.. After doing all these horrible things, he found out that the Pilate was only using him and Pilate never helped to find the fiance and the son. He wanted to protest but the guards outnumbered him.

3 days later, this soldier was in deep depression: he thought could never he see his fiance and his son again. At the same time, he regretted so much of betraying Lord Jesus. He decided to commit suicide after such an emotional agony. However, Lord Jesus came in time to stop his action. Shocked to see Him alive again, this soldier tearfully apologized to Lord Jesus. “I forgive you,” He mentioned and soon He… brought to him his fiance and son! The soldier was extremely happy!

Indeed, Easter is all about forgiveness. It is not just one man’s sin; it is all people’s sins, big or small, which crucified Lord Jesus. Yet, He offers forgiveness to us all.

Pastor Kong preached about the work of Lord Jesus on the cross. Be it sickness and physical disability, financial crisis, emotional pain, sin and shame, Lord Jesus offered deliverance from them all.

It was great as well to see so many people came forward to accept Christ. People need the Lord, that’s obvious.

Very proud of the drama team. They are very professional in their acting!


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CBC Fire Drill 20, April, 2011

It was raining. But still, we had to conduct it.

It is good to see people from other labs, though.

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