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Arise and Build City Harvest Church+Financial Investigation

I happened to read God’s Word today about King David planning to build a house for God.
He was a man of war so God did not allow him to build a house for Him. In contrast, King Solomon was a man of peace. So, God allowed King Solomon to do so. Nevertheless, this did not stop King David to accumulate the materials necessary for the building project.

City Harvest has not conducted any building fund campaign since last June.
All this is due to the financial investigation. Hmm, I wonder when they will announce the conclusion.

Isn’t it clear that the church is clean and accountable in its management of finance?

Suntec project involves 310 million dollars money. Some people think it is a big money.
But really, this sum of money is achievable reasonably.
310 million in 10 years which means 31 million in 1 year. Imagine if there were only 10000 members giving for building fund, one member would only contribute 3100 dollars in a year, which is then translated into about 250-260 dollars in a month. This amount is comparable to monthly insurance premium, by the way.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this year building fund.
It will be really a test for me on how much I love God.

When I am attached, I don’t think I won’t mind spending more for my girlfriend.
Shouldn’t I do at least the same for God?
In fact, I should give more to God since God means more than a girlfriend.

Looking forward to Easter celebration! Stay tuned!

Discussion Day with NUS Students

Went over to NUS last Sunday. There I had discussion session with NUS students, Sherlyn and Jin Min, with regard to organic chemistry. Too bad Elsa could not join us.
Initially I thought I could discuss NTU past year papers with them.
Unfortunately, time did not allow us. I only managed to clear their doubt they had found on lecture notes.

I remember I struggled a lot for organic chemistry exam too when I was in the first year of NTU.
Curriculum of chemistry in Indonesia did not put much emphasis on organic chemistry when I had been studying during high school. It should be better nowadays, though.
I shall not tell the detail here. Maybe I will put it under Personal Testimony page next time.

Then, I had dinner with two of them plus Daniel and Verene at McDonald there.


Jin Min, Elsa and Sherlyn!
All the best!
I am praying for your A(s)!

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 16, April, 2011

Hmm, haven’t been blogging for a long time due to work.
Shall update this blog regularly from now onwards Smile (to the best I can, that is Smile with tongue out)

Met Jorim at Starbucks Raffles City.


My morning breakfast! Oatmeal with honey.

Audrey jie then came and treated me lunch at Olive Vine. This is a very nice dining place with affordable price and big serving. You should visit it too one day, ok?

160420111793 160420111797 160420111798 160420111799

Thank you so much, jie!!

Auntie Dorinna brought cupcakes for us all!! Thank God she is in Sat B team. Poor other teams, they can’t have a taste of her cupcakes Smile with tongue out

160420111800 160420111801 160420111804

Thank you so much, Auntie Dorinna!

Pastor Phil preached about knowing God. It was a very good sermon. Is God more important to us than our dream? Than our vision? Than our achievement? Moses loved God’s presence more than the Promised Land. David loved God more than his palace.
I, too, shall follow God and put God first more than anything else.

The duty ended very late. So, Lionel and I had dinner at McD.

160420111807 160420111808

Thank God for a great Saturday!

Open-mouthed smile

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My Mom disciplined me when I was a kid.
She assigned me to clean level 2 floor in the previous house.
I did not like it at first. Yet, I still did it as I thought it was a good exercise.
Thank God for the discipline. Now I love cleanliness and do housework regularly.

I thought that all girls loved cleanliness as well.
Well, that’s half true, I notice.
While indeed some girls keep it, some don’t.

When I want to find a girlfriend, this cleanliness is an important criteria, for sure.

For all you readers, please clean your room regularly, ok? Remember, it is for your own health.

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Quotes of the Day + Picture of the Day

My FB has been full of funny statements. I shall write them here for recording purpose.
Somehow, I have been getting more and more poetical and philosophical.

“Behold, the power and the majesty of hopelessness..”
“After all is said and done, will peace emerge? Or, will pain do?”
“Frozen flame.. Silent melody.. Darkened stars..”
“Staying in shadow..”
“Life… am I looking for life..?”
“It was born out of sweet lie.. and it was dead in bitter lie..”
“Light I sought, but lie I found..”
“One deception after another..”
“Sometimes.. silence is the best melody one can ever hear..”
“Remember.. That sky of tears..”
“Go ahead.. forget.. and stop feeling..”
“Burn.. burn.. burn it to ashes…”
“A world devoid of seven colors..”
“Silence.. Nothingness..”

And here is my Profile Picture on FB

Sasuke's Susanoo 4b

Mark of Macho Man

Ever wondered what the marks of macho man are?

090420111701 090420111705

Last but not least:


Really macho.


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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 9, April, 2011

Bookstore set up was delayed due to a delay: the contractor did not lay the carpet early enough.
As a result, many of us who had come there had to wait until about 2 pm for the real duty to start.
Meanwhile, I helped Jia Xuan jie in setting up bookstore in Chinese church.

At about 3 pm, an accident happened: one of the Bible shelves suddenly fell down.
I tried to hold it. Unfortunately, the shelf+the Bibles were too heavy. So, it slid down and down on my hand.
Boon Kiat was squeezed in between one shelf in front of him and the falling book shelf behind him.
Luckily, he managed to come out with only bruise.
Soon enough, the sisters took the Bibles out of the broken shelf. Yifei sent Boon Kiat and me to Raffles Hospital at Bugis despite our insistence that we two were fine.

Undoubtedly, Boon Kiat and I had fun in the hospital.

090420111703 090420111704  090420111706

We came back to Suntec just to find everything was ready to sell and the Bibles were placed on IKEA tables.

Pastor Kong preached about Love Test. This test can determine if we are truly believers or if we are just following the motion of Christianity.

After the service, my CG had dinner.

090420111709 090420111712 090420111710

Pretty expensive place, I need to say.

Then, I went back to bookstore to celebrate.. Robin’s birthday! Our big boss’ birthday!

090420111713 090420111745

Last but not least, we took photo of the entire team.


Here is the photo of Attributes full time staffs.


Such a colorful Saturday indeed!