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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 28, May, 2011

I helped out in the set up of bookstore in Jurong West.
Because of the shifting here and there, Attributes did not display many products yet.
Still, we just tried our best to make sales and serve the customers.
The sales was sooo goood: we managed to sell all the copies of Prayer That Brings Revival and HOPE books.
Fret not, Attributes will bring in new copies very soon.

Pastor Phil preached a wonderful sermon.
I will post his message next time.

Had a bit of difficulty in finding seats for CG dinner in the beginning.
In the end, thank God, we managed to find some.

280520111988 280520111989

Fight on for the week ahead!!

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Self Control: Legend of Mana

legend of mana

When I first extracted this game from PS CD, I remember I was not able to hear the music when I played it with PS Emulator.
However, yesterday I found out that I could hear the music.
Needless to say, I played it for quite some time.

Hmm, there is nothing wrong in playing it itself.
However, I need to exercise discipline and self control.
There is time to work, there is time to play.

Self control.
Self control.
Need to restrain myself.

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CG Meeting 26, May, 2011

My leader was not around as he was extremely occupied with work.
So, Gerald stood in the gap and led praise, worship and preached the sermon on his behalf.

God understands all the trouble we go through.
Lord Jesus Himself had a very bad day when His cousin, John the Baptis, had been beheaded.
He wanted to just be alone, away from the crowd.
Yet, the crowd still came and sought Him.
In the end, He could not get the emotional rest He had planned.

Yes, Lord Jesus, who is God Himself, understands the meaning of bad day as He went through it before.
So, whenever bad things seem to pile up, we can always run to Him and find comfort in Him.

We celebrated Alex’s, Jacelyn’s and Sherly’s birthday.


As usual, the video is only visible to KS Zone people.

Happy birthday to three of them once again!
To Alex, Jacelyn and Sherly!

Open-mouthed smile

SPMS Feast 27, May, 2011

A lot of foodsss… which are freeeeeee.

Unfortunately, I was not fast enough. The good dishes were finished by the rest.

270520111982 270520111985 270520111987

Not even a beer for me in the ice-box…


Anyway, thank God for the financial blessing in this food.

Managed to save a couple of $$$

Open-mouthed smile

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Music of the Day: Legend of Mana

My childhood games (not exactly childhood, my high school game).
Very nice songs and very soothing and very energizing.
Trust my judgment , ok?
You can also listen to other sound tracks of Legend of Mana on Youtube.
Luckily someone has uploaded the complete sound tracks Smile

City of Domina

Against Boss

Against Boss again!!

Catching animal eggs.

Home area

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Dr. John Avanzini’s Sermon 21, May, 2011

Dr. John preached an inspiring message about expectation: “Expectation Precedes Manifestation”.

  • Faith and expectation are two sides of the same coin. We have faith in God’s Word and we expect it to come to pass.
  • We need to keep our expectation long enough. For Daniel, it was 21 days. For the paralyzed man in the pool of Bethesda, it was for 38 years.
  • When we do so, God will reward us much more than what we expect. For the widow who had asked help from Elisha the prophet, her expectation was only to pay off her debt. And yet, God rewarded her such that the abundant oil which had been sold was more than enough to pay off her debt and it even became her retirement policy.
  • Expectation will get us attention from the man of God. A crippled beggar at the Beautiful Gates experienced this first hand as he was expecting some money from Apostle Peter (again he was only expecting some money, yet, God blessed him much more than his expectation).
  • In order to keep expectation strong, I need to keep hearing God’s promises.

Such a wonderful message for me.

I felt the LORD telling me to keep expecting something from Him.

Amen, oh God, let it one day come to pass according to Your Word.

(If you could not attend the service, you can still purchase the sermon from Smile)

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 21, May, 2011

It was our service in Expo before we moved out to Jurong West.

A surprise happened during the service!
We celebrated Dr. John Avanzini’s birthday!!

210520111968 210520111970 210520111971 210520111972

Dr. John then preached about expectation.
I will post about his sermon next time.

Then,  Attributes had shifting out.

210520111974 210520111977 210520111980

A gym session on Saturday night, you might say.

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Zoo Outing 17, May, 2011

There was no CG meeting last week. We replaced it with zoo outing on 17, May, 2011, on Vesak Day.

It was my second time to be there. My first time was during Night Safari in 2009.

160520111922 160520111924 160520111967

Our pretty and handsome CG peple.

160520111943 160520111939 160520111960 

We did not evolve from animal. Yet, it is still entertaining to see it in action.

160520111965 160520111957 

A giant tortoise and a white tiger. Hmm, they are pretty rare nowadays.


Watched some animal shows too. One of them is an elephant show.
It show-cases the bond between human and elephant and how elephant can be trained to human’s advantage.
This is in line with God-given dominion to rule the earth and subdue it.

The other four videos are on my FB.

Looking forward to the next outing.

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Music of the Day: Tales of Eternia/Tales of Destiny 2!!!

Used to play this game a lot during my year 9.
These songs are guaranteed effective to get rid of sleepiness.
Trust me. My taste is reliable.

Battle with Sekundes!!! (quite easy though, just cast Indignation)

Battle with Cress!! (tough by default, but there is a trick: Tempest Strike+Sonic Chaos)

Battle with Boss in Celestia. (Some bosses are irritating, some are too easy)

Regular battle in Celestia. (can be won in 10s or less)


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Refuting the Gospel of Judas

A friend happened to ask me about the Gospel of Judas.
Since I have never read it myself, I can only rely on Wikipedia’s description.
So, assuming the description is accurate, I would like to write here why the Gospel of Judas is wrong.

Indeed, not all account of Lord Jesus’ biography is reliable. This Gospel of Judas is an example of non-reliable one.
We can refute this Gospel on the basis of Genesis which is a more established account as it had been written much earlier.

From Wikipedia:

“At the beginning of time, God created a group of angels and lower gods, who in turn created the physical universe. These lower angels of creation were themselves imperfect beings and so the world was an imperfect creation, full of pain and suffering. They are petty and demand sacrifice from humanity.”
— Genesis clearly says God Himself created the universe, not the angels. By default (Genesis 1 and 2), this universe was perfect and there were no pain and suffering. Imperfection, pain and suffering began in Genesis 3, that is because of human’s sin. As with regard to sacrifice, see below:
From Wikipedia:
“Of crucial importance is the authors understanding of Jesus’ death. The other Gospels argue that Jesus had to die in order to atone for the sins of humanity. The author of Judas claims this sort of substitutionary justice pleases the lower gods and angels. The true God is gracious and thus does not demand any sacrifice. In the Gospel of Judas, Jesus’s death is simply a final way for him to leave the realm of the flesh and return to the luminous cloud.”
— God is both gracious and just. In the event of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham called God “Judge of all the earth.”
God loves us. He does not want to punish us because of our sins as we can never bear His judgement.
God demands justice. He must punish us becaus of our sins.
God’s gracious love and demand of justice are united in one word: sacrifice.
Lord Jesus is both God and man. As God, He can bear God’s judgement. As man, He can die as our substitute. But also as God, He can rise up again from death.
Happy weekend!

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