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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 30, April, 2011

Met Jorim at McDonald and discussed Geography with him.

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Tried Breakfast Deluxe there. Hmm, this meal is pretty good for a starving person like me.
Also, I helped Jorim in writing a good Geography essay.

Duty time in bookstore!

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You can see the complete pictures here:


Pastor Kong preached about loving one another. Here are the main important points in loving one another:

1.) Loving one another is God’s desire for me.
2.) Loving one another is the proof of our salvation.
3.) Loving one another is the key to encountering God.
4.) Loving one another means to initiate the first step.
5.) Loving one another means not giving room for hatred.

We also watched a video clip of “Beauty and the Beast”. Moral of the story: sometimes, we need to love unlovable people first before they are transformed from beast to prince.

Sun also spoke on the stage about the importance of loving one another.

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Really, it has been 11 months of trial for  the church. The members need to stay in love for one another. We need to stay united.


Bought flowers and card for Audrey jie and Auntie Dorinna.
Happy Mother’s Day in advance, Audrey jie and Mommy Dorinna!!

After duty, Robin trained us in how to improve the cupboards.

Had dinner with my twin at Burger King as many other restaurants were closed.


Looking forward very soon to… working in lab on Sunday and Monday.


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