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Book of Ezekiel Bible Study III 3, May, 2011

Pastor Kong expanded the series of study on the book of Ezekiel.
Now it has become five parts series and last night was the third.

We studied the prophecy in Ezekiel 16, which is more or less God’s most desire for Jerusalem, and by extension, for us Christians.
Jerusalem was initially abandoned and unwanted. Yet, God took care of her and blessed her so much. God then made a marriage covenant with her.
Yet, despite God’s love, Jerusalem committed spiritual adultery, that is worshipping idols.
Enraged, God punished her by letting her enemies invade and plunder her.
Yet, in all this, God’s mercy was still upon her. After 70 years of punishment in exile, Jerusalem was still restored.

How true it is for us, Christians!
Do we have idols in our life? Is anything else taking God’s place in our life?
Pastor Kong gave us a tip to avoid idolatry: we are to keep daily quiet time.
It is the time when God recalibrates our life to match His holiness.

Ezekiel pronounced punishment for other nations who added sorrow to Jerusalem inhabitants in they days of their distress.
There were 7 nations God planned to punish at that time.
Pastor Kong discussed the first four:

1.) Ammon.

Ammonites were supposed to be distant relatives of Jerusalem. Yet, they rejoiced when Jerusalem suffered calamity.

2.) Moab and Seir.

They were distant relatives of Jerusalem people too. Yet, they hated Jerusalem and they were complacent with their sins.

3.)  Edom.

They were another distant relative too. Yet, they hated Jerusalem and even plundered Jerusalem after Babylonian invasion.

4.) Philistines.

Old hatred and vengeance, that’s obvious.

All these prophecies in Ezekiel were fulfilled completely.
Indeed, one of the reasons the Bible can be trusted is because of fulfilled prophecies.

Wow, this is getting good!

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