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“Thor” Movie Outing—Ezekiel Bible Study

Watched “Thor” movie with CG people yesterday at Cinneleisure.



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It is a good movie indeed and it somehow reminds me of Ezekiel Bible Study in JW last Tuesday.

Odin, king of the gods at Ashgard, had two sons: Thor and Loki. Thor was an arrogant prince who never thought of consequences of his act despite his skill in battle. One day, some frost giants broke through the palace. Thor considered it as a breaking of truce between Ashgard and frost giants. Despite Odin’s commandment not to retaliate, Thor confronted the frost giants in their land (Jotunheim) and killed some of them. Odin caught up with his son and the companions and saved their lives as they were greatly outnumbered. Angered by his son’s act, Odin undid Thor’s power and banished him to earth with a promise to restore Thor’s power once he was “worthy” of the power.

It turned out Loki actually hated his brother and tried to seize the throne. After Odin fell into a coma due to heart attack, Loki assumed the role of a king and sent the Destroyer, a giant iron statue, to kill Thor. Meanwhile, he secretly planned to annihilate frost giants to prove himself worthy to Odin.

On earth, Thor lost all his ability and lived like mere man. He learned humility and servant hood, something he had never learned during his days in Ashgard. Thor’s friends one day managed to find him on earth and tried to bring him back home. However, they had to first confront the Destroyer. Thor’s friends were no match against this statue. Thor then came alone to face it. He told Loki through the statue to just kill him and spare the lives of his friends and other humans. The statue killed him. However, Thor was deemed worthy and immediately resurrected. With the power returned to him, he managed to destroy the Destroyer.

Back in Ashgard, Thor confronted Loki and his hatred. Loki told him how he was so fed up with Thor’s arrogance. Thor initially did not want to fight Loki. However, after learning from his own mistake, Thor realized annihilating frost giants was a foolish plan and he was left with no choice but to stop Loki. The two brothers exchanged blows and clashed with each other. In the end, Thor came out victorious. Loki, realizing his plan was thwarted, chose to fall into abyss as he was not courageous enough to see Odin again.

In the history of Judah (as mentioned before in Ezekiel Bible Study), God had to banish the inhabitants into an exile in Babel for worshipping idols in the same way Odin banished Thor into an exile on earth. However, just as Frigga, Odin’s wife, told Loki: “There is a purpose in everything your father does”, there is a purpose in everything God does too. For Thor, Odin wanted him to be wise. For Judah, God wanted them to worship Him alone, the only true God.

Similarly,  there is a purpose in everything God allows to happen in our life. We may not know it now. But, we will know it in the end.

So, let’s keep believing God, shall we?

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