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Book Review IX: Divine Revelation of Hell

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Mary Baxter is so privileged to have such an encounter with the LORD.
And here is the wonderful opportunity for us to understand more about hell.
Hell is real. Christ-less eternity is real.
Let’s keep reaching out to the lost. Lord Jesus is coming soon..


Mary Baxter was taken to hell by Lord Jesus. There Lord Jesus showed her different parts of hell and the souls who are lost for eternity. Even though they are lost eternally, Lord Jesus still loves them despite the fact that there is nothing He can do for them.. it is simply too late for them. In hell, the souls are tortured by the demons and Lucifer himself. There are different degree of punishment and different kinds of punishment depending on their sins. The harshest punishment is given to those who were willingly and constantly rejecting Lord Jesus while they were alive…

Self Reflection

I read this book long ago. As I recalled my experience, I realized more on the urgency of reaching out to the lost. One of my relatives passed away a few weeks ago… and he is not a Christian. Reflecting the suffering of the souls in this book, I am deeply saddened by the fact that my relative is now undergoing the same horrible suffering… I can’t let anymore relative members share the same eternal end like him. I need to keep praying and reaching out to my family.

Answering the critics

As usual, there are always people who dislike and criticize other Christians.
Google can show all their opinions.
I won’t answer all the critics out there.
But I will address one issue: “flesh” in hell.

Some people say there is no way she could smell rotten flesh in hell because hell (Sheol/Hades) here is like a holding place for the spirit whereas their physical body is in the grave.
However, I would rather say even a spirit has some kind of body which can feel torture.
Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16? In Hades, the rich man felt thirsty and agony in flame and longed for water.
Hmm, wait for a moment. Why would a spirit need water unless a spirit has some kind of body to feel water?

Was Lord Jesus speaking metaphorically about “flesh” in hell? Or, was it literal situation?

In Luke 16, Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham. Bosom of Abraham is a holding place for the righteous spirit. This includes Samuel the prophet  of the Old Testament.
In 1 Samuel 28, Samuel’s spirit/ghost met Saul. Interestingly, Samuel’s spirit retained Samuel physical trait, an old man with mantle.
Again, why would a spirit be like an old man wearing a mantle unless that spirit has some kind of body of an old man with a mantle?

(Was it real ghost of Samuel the prophet? Yes, because it was an exception. See it here:

Conclusion: a spirit does have some kind of body.

I don’t think Attributes has this book at the moment. I bought this book from Attributes long time ago. Nevertheless, if the bookstore happens to have it, do get a copy of it, ok?

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