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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 7, May, 2011

Met Jorim again at BK. He bought me KOI bubble tea. Thanks a lot, Jorim!


It was public holiday due to General Election. So, BK meal was my breakfast and lunch.


I assisted Jorim in studying Biology. He will have a Bio exam on Tuesday. My prayer is with him that he will get A.

Met Shirley, my financial advisor, at Killiney.


Bought this tea only as I was already full.
Shirley will help me grow my wealth. I need to have a lot of money for my wedding.

The service was great. It was Mother’s Day service, so there were many performances intended to appreciate mothers who attended the service.

Dr. Kim Sung Hae preached about suffering.
4 things we should know about suffering:

1.) The devil’s temptation. Overcome it with God.
The devil knows our weakness, be it value, kids, honor or value. God protects us and the devil can do no harm on us. For a child of God, this temptation will be changed into joy. 1 Pet 5:7-9. We have to pray every day that God will guide and protect us. John 15:5. God is the vine and we are the branches. I pray and depend on God always.

2.) Faced with trials. We need to pray.
Knar: hole in the tree. The tree tries to overcome the suffering. Without knar, the tree will die. By overcoming the scar of the knar, the tree survives. In life, there is always pain and suffering. In the midst of trial the Holy Spirit helps me. After overcoming trials, I become stronger in God. Our God will turn suffering into blessing. 1 Cor 10:13.
Testimony: Dr. Kim’s Mom received healing immediately from the Lord once she had prayed. Soon, many people were attracted to her and revival came.

3.) Testing. Upgrade myself from tests.
Just like driving license test, I need to undergo test in life. School conducts tests and I need to pass them in order to upgrade myself. I become greater after passing the tests. Just like filament, the bigger resistance causes brighter light, the greater suffering will make me greater.

4.) Obey and rely on God.
God calls us to obey Him. All His commandments are for my good. It should be loving obedience just like the love between husband and wife. We love God and hence we obey God. God blesses me so I need to bless my parents too. (Side story: Honeymoon can be a good alternative to divorce) If I fully obey the Lord, God’s blessing is upon me. Deut 28:1-6.

After service, we had dinner at BK. So, you can tell it was a BK day for me.


A conversation with a friend:

Friend 1:   I am going home. I need to save money.

Me:            Me too. I am going home. I have to save money for my wedding.

Friend 2:  Where is your girlfriend?

Pray for me, ok?