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Offering Message Service 15, May, 2011

Pastor Derek shared a wonderful message during the service on Sunday morning.

A little kid receive two one dollars coins from his Mom. One is for offering and one is for sweet.
As he walks to church, he tosses one dollar coind many times.
Unfortunately, the coin falls into a drainage.
He then stops walking for a moment, thinking and then prays, “Sorry, God.”

It is easy to give when we have abundance of money.
However, do we still give to God when we are in the midst of crisis?

“If you give what you do not need, it isn’t giving at all.”
-Mother Teresa-

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CG Meeting 12, May, 2011+Elsa’s Birthday Celebration

There is a purpose when God puts us at a certain place.

God wants us to excel in the marketplace for His glory.
However, there is something more: to be a blssing to others.
God puts us there in the company to reach out to the lost who happen to be our colleagues too.
So, let’s remember the lost as we excel in wherever we are, ok?

We celebrated Elsa’s birthday too.

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As usual, only KS Zone can view the video.

Happy birthday, Elsa!!

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