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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 15, May, 2011


Pastor Phil preached about faith. Specifically, he preached from his book “BUT GOD”.

In our world, there are:
money factor,
health factor,
skill factor,
family factor,
friends factor,
relationship factor,

but don’t forget:

GOD factor.

In every difficulty, no matter how impossible it seems, no matter who causes it to happen,
we can always turn to God, the miracle-working God.
God specializes in turning the impossible into the possible one.

Well, I need to remind myself again and again then:

God factor.
GOD factor.
BUT GOD factor.

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 14, May, 2011

Did not attend the service as I was on stay-out-roster in the bookstore.
While people were praising God and then listening to sermon, I had a training to be a cashier.
Thanks, Jiali, for teaching me!

As usual, we were busy displaying products

130520111868  130520111875 130520111893

and Pastor Phil’s artworks.

130520111876 130520111877  130520111882 130520111889 130520111890

After the service, I went into the hall for a while to hear some announcement from my leader.

A big news: Alex got attached to Charmaine!


Oh, LORD, please bless them to stay together and happy ever after.

We also celebrated brother Patrick’s birthday.
Only KS Zone people can view the video, though.

It was a big day as we had Pastor Phil signing his books and paintings.
So, there I was, queuing and taking photo with him

150520111918 150520111919 150520111920


Next time, I should chat with him about life.
Hopefully I can get that chance.

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