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Zoo Outing 17, May, 2011

There was no CG meeting last week. We replaced it with zoo outing on 17, May, 2011, on Vesak Day.

It was my second time to be there. My first time was during Night Safari in 2009.

160520111922 160520111924 160520111967

Our pretty and handsome CG peple.

160520111943 160520111939 160520111960 

We did not evolve from animal. Yet, it is still entertaining to see it in action.

160520111965 160520111957 

A giant tortoise and a white tiger. Hmm, they are pretty rare nowadays.


Watched some animal shows too. One of them is an elephant show.
It show-cases the bond between human and elephant and how elephant can be trained to human’s advantage.
This is in line with God-given dominion to rule the earth and subdue it.

The other four videos are on my FB.

Looking forward to the next outing.

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