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Dr. John Avanzini’s Sermon 21, May, 2011

Dr. John preached an inspiring message about expectation: “Expectation Precedes Manifestation”.

  • Faith and expectation are two sides of the same coin. We have faith in God’s Word and we expect it to come to pass.
  • We need to keep our expectation long enough. For Daniel, it was 21 days. For the paralyzed man in the pool of Bethesda, it was for 38 years.
  • When we do so, God will reward us much more than what we expect. For the widow who had asked help from Elisha the prophet, her expectation was only to pay off her debt. And yet, God rewarded her such that the abundant oil which had been sold was more than enough to pay off her debt and it even became her retirement policy.
  • Expectation will get us attention from the man of God. A crippled beggar at the Beautiful Gates experienced this first hand as he was expecting some money from Apostle Peter (again he was only expecting some money, yet, God blessed him much more than his expectation).
  • In order to keep expectation strong, I need to keep hearing God’s promises.

Such a wonderful message for me.

I felt the LORD telling me to keep expecting something from Him.

Amen, oh God, let it one day come to pass according to Your Word.

(If you could not attend the service, you can still purchase the sermon from Smile)

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