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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 28, May, 2011

I helped out in the set up of bookstore in Jurong West.
Because of the shifting here and there, Attributes did not display many products yet.
Still, we just tried our best to make sales and serve the customers.
The sales was sooo goood: we managed to sell all the copies of Prayer That Brings Revival and HOPE books.
Fret not, Attributes will bring in new copies very soon.

Pastor Phil preached a wonderful sermon.
I will post his message next time.

Had a bit of difficulty in finding seats for CG dinner in the beginning.
In the end, thank God, we managed to find some.

280520111988 280520111989

Fight on for the week ahead!!

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Self Control: Legend of Mana

legend of mana

When I first extracted this game from PS CD, I remember I was not able to hear the music when I played it with PS Emulator.
However, yesterday I found out that I could hear the music.
Needless to say, I played it for quite some time.

Hmm, there is nothing wrong in playing it itself.
However, I need to exercise discipline and self control.
There is time to work, there is time to play.

Self control.
Self control.
Need to restrain myself.

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CG Meeting 26, May, 2011

My leader was not around as he was extremely occupied with work.
So, Gerald stood in the gap and led praise, worship and preached the sermon on his behalf.

God understands all the trouble we go through.
Lord Jesus Himself had a very bad day when His cousin, John the Baptis, had been beheaded.
He wanted to just be alone, away from the crowd.
Yet, the crowd still came and sought Him.
In the end, He could not get the emotional rest He had planned.

Yes, Lord Jesus, who is God Himself, understands the meaning of bad day as He went through it before.
So, whenever bad things seem to pile up, we can always run to Him and find comfort in Him.

We celebrated Alex’s, Jacelyn’s and Sherly’s birthday.


As usual, the video is only visible to KS Zone people.

Happy birthday to three of them once again!
To Alex, Jacelyn and Sherly!

Open-mouthed smile