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Weather Change

Again, the weather has been funny nowadays.
One time it rains, soon it is sunny and soon again it is rainy.

Take care of your health, ok?
Don’t fall sick.
Bring around umbrella or rain coat too.

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Prayer Request Again

From my previous post of prayer, the LORD has healed K. O. and S. O.
Praise the LORD!

Now, I want to add more in this prayer list:

J. T.: Healing

K. L.: Healing on skin

B. K.: Spiritual maturity

C: Emotional maturity

L. T.: Tooth extraction and exam.

Pray. Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep interceding. Smile

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Photos of the Day: Food and Clothe


My supervisor passed this to me last night.
Nice food!! Open-mouthed smile



Audrey jie passed this as a birthday present for me.
Thank you so much, jie! Open-mouthed smile

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CG Meeting 23, June, 2011

A wonderful sermon preached last Thursday!

When I am facing difficult situation, I certainly want to know the will of God so I will know what to do. I need to know which direction I should take.

Eph 5:17

Wisdom = knowing God’s Will.

1.) General will of God: for everyone. I need to become more and more like Jesus day by day. It is clearly shown in the Bible.

2.) Specific will of God: divine guidance in specific situation. God whispers into my ears.
a. Knowledge of God’s will is possible. I shall not doubt or be double-minded. It is possible to hear from God. Col 1:9. What is that dilemma I am in? God wants to fill me with that knowledge.
b. Knowledge of God’s will is provisional or conditional. I need to really really want it. Some people may come to ask God but they have already made up their mind. I am open to God’s will. When I pray, I need to be ready if God speaks different thing.
c. Knowledge of God’s will is progressive. Ps 119:105. God shows me one step ahead, may not be three steps ahead. Most of the time, God may not show me full revelation. He wants me to fully depend on Him. Also, He understands I might be scared if He shows the full journey.
d. Knowledge of God’s will is personal. My revelation is different from others’ revelation. My path is different although the destination is the same as others. I need to seek out God’s will for me myself. I need to hear from God myself.

3.) Practical steps to hear from God:
a. Through prayer. In my quiet time, God speaks. Jer 33:3. I call to God, God will answer me. I shall not worry, I just need to walk His will. God directs me. I earnestly desire God’s word.
b. I need to have a renewed mind. Rm 12:2. I am not robot. God anoints my common sense and uses it to lead me.
c. Go through the word of God. I need to have intentional study on the word of God.
d. Through wise counsel. Listen to others. God speaks to me sometimes through others’ mouth. Acts 11:25. I need to surround myself with godly people. Pro 11:14. I open my heart to others so they can share with me.
e. Having peace in my heart. Col 3:15.There is peace from God although the path can be challenging.


After the meeting, we had fellowship over snacks my leader had brought from Japan Open-mouthed smile

230620112392 230620112394 230620112393

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Photo of the Day: Birthday Cake and Present

250620112409 250620112410

Attributes people celebrated Jeffrey’s and my birthday last Saturday.
Can you guess which one was my cake?
Any idea on how to spend the voucher?

Thanks a lot, Attributes!

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Dr. Bernard’s Sermon 25, June, 2011

Pain after pain.
Disappointment on top of disappointment.
Discouragement following discouragement.

Agony, anguish, affliction.

Silent cry, darkened vision, frozen tear.

Dr. Bernard preached about the kingdom of God is like a merchant who sells everything he has to buy a precious pearl.
Pearl is made when a parasite enters into the oyster.
Oyster envelops this parasite so as to prevent further hurt.

Parasite = negative. Pearl = positive.
Church is supposed to act in the same manner: turning the negative into the positive.
Having said that, God does the same with our life.
He can turn a parasite into pearl.

We will see the pearl.
We will.
Keep believing in God.

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FB Status of the Day

“Becoming a Jinchuuriki, 
you can lose a lot and your heart goes hollow.
But if you got things you don’t want to lose, 
they become a light to follow.”
-Killer Bee (Naruto)-

In a simpler term, it is the power of vision.
In the midst of darkness, that vision becomes a light to follow.
What is your vision that drives you to go to the extra mile?


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The Bible and Homosexuality

Some time ago, I was involved in a discussion with a friend on the topic of homosexuality.
Recently, New York has legalized gay marriage. (
In Singapore, I heard gay marriage was not legalized. The reasoning was as follows:

1.) Society consists of families.
2.) Gay marriage will be risky to the concept of family.
3.) Gay marriage will compromise to the stability of society.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
My favorite website has written a number of posts on this matter. For instance, one can see this article: (

Firstly, let’s consider moral value.
Who has the power to decide the truth? On what basis can we say murder is wrong?
If we start from the framework of humanism (i.e. there is no God), then our sense of right and wrong is just collision of atoms in our head. What makes atoms going to the left any morally valid than atoms going to the right? For instance, do we think murder is wrong? Yet, Hitler absolutely believes murdering the Jews is morally right as he was a firm atheist.
Doesn’t it make more sense if the Creator instead decides what is right and wrong? God created the universe and decided it to run in a certain scientific laws. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the Creator of human being decides how human should behave? And indeed, God has explained His sense of right and wrong in the Bible.
Remove the Bible from the picture and we will have no objective basis on moral value. Public opinion then defines the truth.

Hence, it is understandable that gay marriage is legalized nowadays.
America is a Christian nation? I doubt that.

Am I saying the law of a country has to cite Bible verses?
No. There are many ways in which one can apply Bible verses in making regulation without citing the verses.

And now, let’s consider about homosexuality itself.

Having tendency to like the same gender is not necessarily a sin. However, acting out that tendency is a sin.
This tendency is not fundamentally different than any other sexual temptation like pornography.
We might be tempted but it is not a sin. Once, we give in to pornography, then it is a sin.

I don’t think this tendency is encoded in DNA. But even if it is, they can still choose not to act out that tendency.
For example, some people have genetic tendency toward diabetes. Yet, they can still choose to fight diabetes by consuming healthy diet and by having healthy lifestyle.

At least there are two alternatives for homosexual people:
1.) If it is indeed extremely difficult for them to live like heterosexual people, they can choose not to marry. Marriage is only for heterosexual people. Homosexual people who live in celibacy do not break God’s law.
2.) If they are really determined to live like heterosexual people, they can seek help from Exodus International or any other ministry taking care of homosexual people.

There are pastors who have found freedom from homosexuality, for example Pastor Sy Rogers.

God hates sin. God loves sinners.
Homosexuality is a sin. Homosexual people are sinners.
Hence, God hates homosexuality. But still, God loves homosexual people.

And so do we. We must never approve homosexuality.
However, we can still befriend the homosexual people and lovingly try to win them for Christ and pray for them.
It is a tough love indeed. We love them enough to tell them that homosexuality is wrong and they can find freedom in Christ.

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PicoQuant Workshop Day 5 24, June, 2011

The last day of the workshop.
The last day to enjoy free nice food, that is.

240620112395 240620112397 240620112400

240620112401 240620112402 240620112406

Anyway, it is time to eat healthily in terms of quantity.

A fire performance of the floor to entertain the guests while they were having dinner.


Smile with tongue out

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PicoQuant Workshop Day 4 23, June, 2011

I am getting fatter..?
No problemo, I can always exercise to get rid of all the unnecessary fat.
Food everywhere. My my my. Who can resist? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

230620112381 230620112382 230620112388

230620112390 230620112386 230620112384

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