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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 29, May, 2011

It was a great sermon by Pastor Phil.

Let’s look at the wedding in Cana.
They invited Lord Jesus as a Guest. We should also invite Him in our life not as mere Guest, but as the Owner of our life.
Lord Jesus’s miracle was according to His timing. We should wait and obey Him before His miracle happens.
He kept quiet about the miracle He had done and let the credit go to the bride groom. Similarly, Lord Jesus wants to do something big in our life and He does not mind letting all the credit go to us.
The best wine was served last. God’s best for our life is yet to come.

We may feel like we are in the valley now.
Yet, we should keep walking together with Him.
Finally, we’ll make it at the other side of the valley.

Keep believing.
The best is yet to come.

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Advice from the Champion

Here are some advices I received from the “champions” around me.

Champion 1: “Do not be anxious. Keep praying.”
Champion 2: “You sound so desperate.”
Champion 3: “You’re still young. Once you go out and work and involve in ministry…”

Thanks a lot to all these people.
I shall heed their advice then.

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