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Book Review X: HOPE

Another exciting book by Pastor Phil.

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In this book, Pastor Phil talks about hope which is really the power of vision and dream.

God wants to give us wonderful future even if our present seems gloomy and impossible.
God is a generous God. He gives us much more than what we expect we are going to have.
In the midst of despair, we need to keep believing God’s promises.
Our hope in God is not mere “wishful thinking”. It is simply an excitement over something which we know is going to happen (page 18).

Whenever we feel we are losing hope, we should always return to the place where we first find it: the house of God, in the presence of God Himself (page 27).
As we receive hope from God, we need to make a decision to conform our mind according to His word (page 33) and to confess it (35).
Once our mind and confession are renewed, God begins to give His vision into our mind. We can see what He wants us to do or to believe will happen in our life (page 39).
However, we should not do it only once. We should pray about it while recalling His vision again and again (page 47).
We should also be careful to keep our conscience clear from guilt. We should always confess our sin as sin destroys any hope God has given to us (page 48).
Even in the midst of impossibility, even if our vision does not seem logical, we should always keep hoping in God (page 53), remembering that God has prepared a solution for us long before He even had created us (page 56). Just keep walking with God, we will eventually see the way out and the vision from God coming to pass (page 72).

Lord Jesus kept holding to the hope as He went through the cross.
He saw the joy of multitudes being saved and giving glory to the Father.
Even as He felt forsaken by the Father, He kept believing.
And His vision came to pass: many of us are saved and will receive eternal life with Him. (page 84).

Not only do we receive hope from God, but also church should be a place of hope for the lost who enter into it (page 104).

Ultimately, Lord Jesus is coming soon.
Our grand hope is about to be fulfilled: we are going to enjoy eternity together with Him (page 130).

Wonderful book, isn’t it?
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Photo + Conversation of the Day


Received this McD can class from an engineer.
Thanks a lot, Maggie!!


A conversation with my financial consultant.

Consultant:     I will take you to shopping.
Me:                    Better buy house than buy pants.
Consultant:    I will be your fashion stylist.
Me:                    (noooooooooooooooo……….. help meeeeeeee……….. I am lazy to dress uppppppppp)

But, anyway, I may reconsider if dressing up helps me to get attached.

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