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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 4, June, 2011

It was a day of rest. Really plenty rest.
I managed to play FB and Legend of Mana for a loooong time.
Hmm, but somehow I felt guilty too..?

Met my financial consultant too. I am planning to buy a bond.
She will make sure my money work hard and I am going to be rich.
Smile with tongue out

Pastor Kong preached a  very good message again.
One day, Abraham rested near a tree.
His family was in a mess. Hagar gave birth to Ishamel but Sarah had not given birth to any child. Sarah really envied Hagar.
All of sudden, Abraham saw three men. He immediately could tell they were God and two angels in human form.
Despite his old age, he served them with all his might. He conducted a feast for them.
In the end of the feast, Abraham received a guarantee of God’s promise to him.
That is, by the following year, he would have had a son from Sarah.
Sarah was initially laughing in unbelief. Yet, in the end she believed in God’s promise and really she gave birth to Isaac.

Several lessons to learn:

– Abraham did not let God just pass by Him. He wanted God to come into his tent. Me too, need to have such a desire for God.
– Abraham served God with all his strength despite his frail body. Me too, must not lose to him. I need to serve God with all my capacity.
– Sarah in the end gave birth to Isaac despite all logic and science. Similarly, God will create a miracle for me so long as I keep believing His promise.

Had dinner with CG people at the nearby coffee shop.

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A more exciting post is on the way.
Smile with tongue out

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