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Cherry’s Baby Shower 5, June, 2011

It was my first time attending a baby shower event.
Why is it called baby shower? Do we shower the baby? Do we shower the mother?
”We shower the mother with blessing,” a friend answered.

It was held at West Coast Park, Botannia Condo. The MRT officer told me to take 175 bus.
I did, but the bus took me to the real West Coast Park, not the condo.
I figured out I was lost by looking at the surrounding. Thank God for Street Directory map book!
Thank God also for the wisdom to see the right bus: 176!
My Street Directory map book is 2006 edition. As such, Botannia Condo is not even in the map.

As usual, there were plenty foods.

050620112032 050620112029 050620112031 050620112030

My team contributed chicken wings.


Mommy Dorinna contributed beautiful cupcakes. Really admire her!

050620112056 050620112058 050620112060 050620112055

The Dad and Mum-to-be arrived!

050620112064 050620112062

A lot of games for us like guessing Cherry’s tummy length using a rope.

050620112078 050620112080

Who’s tummy is that?

The ultimate one was to guess the chocolate in the diaper.

050620112072 050620112075 050620112076 050620112077

Thanks, Serene and Geri “-_-

Here are the photos of the happy people.

050620112036 050620112041 050620112090

I want to have 4 kids in the future.
Or, at least 3.

Hmm. Big family = more fun.

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