Ezekiel Bible Study 7, June, 2011 Part 4/5

A continuation of wonderful Bible Study on the book of Ezekiel.
Pastor Kong preached about the judgment on the enemies of Israel, restoration of the shepherds in Israel and the valley of dry bones.

Last month we had studied about the judgment on Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia.
So, this month we studied about Tyre, Sidon and Egypt

Tyre was a city of trade, located at the coastal area. Because of the abundance of trade, it was an extremely rich city.
However, prince of Tyre grew prideful. He was a picture of the anti-Christ who is about to come.
In the end time, the whole world is going to collapse economically. This anti-Christ will be the savior of the world. He will enter into God’s temple in Jerusalem and demand to be worshipped as God.
King of Tyre was a picture of Lucifer. Lucifer was in charge of worship in the heaven. Yet, he wanted to take all the worship for himself.
As such, he was banished from heaven.

Lesson: pride and humility are in the realm of attitude and God has decided to leave it to us whether we want to be humble or prideful.
Let’s be humble and worship God only, shall we? Only deserves all the worship.

The rulers in Israel were depicted as shepherds.
They did not do their job in guiding the people. They only took advantage from the poor and needy.
God promised to give them the good shepherds.

Lesson: our leaders in church are like our shepherds. They serve us diligently. Let’s keep them in prayer, shall we?
Pastor Kenneth is doing mission out there. Let’s pray for him, shall we?

Valley of dry bones was an interesting vision.
Those were dry bones. Only bones. No organ,  no sinews, no skin. Only bones.
How could they be resurrected?
Yet, Prophet Ezekiel answered correctly, “Only God knows.” He did not answer, “Impossible.”
He then spoke God’s word and revived them.

Lesson:  Let’s keep speaking out God’s word into our situation no matter how difficult it might look.

After the Bible study, the CG celebrated my birthday Open-mouthed smile

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Birthday present from them.
Thanks, Audrey!! I really like them!


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