Pastor Mike Connel’s Sermon 11, June, 2011

Pastor Mike preached a good message about bitterness and forgiveness last Saturday.

Jephthah was an illegitimate child. He was born of a prostitute. Her real mother left him in the hand of his real father and a step mother.
Since young, he was always despised, ignored and rejected. Whatever wrong that happened in the family, they would first blamed him.
He grew up in a such a hostile environment.
Finally, he was chased out of the home and wandered around alone.

(Sounds like Naruto?)

One day, he prayed to God.
God then dealt with his bitterness toward his family.
He decided to forgive everyone who had hurt him so deeply.
The process was not an easy one. But in the end, Jephthah managed to get rid of all bitterness.

One day, he was asked to lead Israelites against Ammonites.
He led and they won the war.
Jephhtah arose as one of the judges and even was considered a hero of faith.

Such is God’s marvelous work.
He can turn a life full of rejection and anger into a life of glory.
There is always hope in God.


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