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Tender Love. Tough Love. God is Love

Love has to be tender. Love has to be tough too. Both of them run hand in hand.

God is love. Lord Jesus, being God Himself, demonstrated this love during His earthly ministry.

Tender love.
He opened the eyes of the blind and strengthened the legs of the lame.
He restored the withered hands and cleansed the leper.
He fed the multitude and cast out demons.
He even raised the dead Lazarus.
He accepted the sinners and bringing them back to the truth.
He loved the unlovable and blessed the people around Him.

So tender.

Tough love.
He had no qualm confronting the Pharisees right at their face.
He even pronounced cursing to them: “Woe to you!!”
He publicly challenged their erroneous teaching about the Sabbath.
He drove out the merchants as they were making the Temple “a den of thieves”.
He sometimes indirectly insulted the Pharisees through parables (e.g. Luke 20:19).
He corrected (self-righteous) people around Him.

So tough.
Why did He do that?
Because He loved them and He tried His best to make them repent.
He loved them enough to tell them they were wrong.
If He had not loved them enough, He would have better spent His time doing other things.
If He had not loved them enough, He would not even have thought about them in the first place.

Such is love:
Blessing as many people as possible, yet at the same time lovingly correcting people who may not even realize they are going in the wrong path.

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