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PicoQuant Workshop 20, June, 2011 Day 1

I was supposed to be there, listening to lecture and learning new things+refreshing my memory of fluorescence technique.
After all, Einst boss sponsored my colleagues+me for this event.
Yet due to hunger and lack of sleep and unfamiliarity with the biological system, I could not focus.

Conclusion, what was I there for?

Lunch time.

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 200620112317 200620112319 200620112321

Dinner time

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200620112331 200620112325 200620112330

Praise the LORD for such a food-ful event!!

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FB Status of the Day: GO Naruto

‎”We are fighting dreamers,
with high ambitions,
swallowing up everything,
not caring about appearances
because we believe.”

– Go (Naruto)-

You will seriously laugh until you drop.
Anyway, stay jiayou for the week ahead, ok?

The opening is here:

Smile with tongue out

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