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CG Meeting 28, July, 2011

There is something different in the CG Meeting last Thursday.
We watched a video clip which contains Pastor Kong’s short message on serving in the ministry.
Again, he stressed the importance of ministry for us.

After the meeting we had cakes prepared by Melodie.

280720112580 280720112582

Thanks a lot, Melodie!

We also celebrated Jin Min’s birthday.
Happy birthday, Jin Min! The FB video is only viewable for KS Zone people.

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Convocation 28, July, 2011

A day of celebration with my juniors as they have finished a wonderful race.

280720112571 280720112575 280720112579

280720112576 280720112577 280720112572

It was not an easy and smooth race.
A lot of requirement and sometimes “politics” in ECA.
But anyway, I am happy for them all!

Side question: “That Sharingan.. how far can you see?” (Itachi Uchiha, Naruto)
In all these photos, what do you see too?

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 23, July, 2011

It was fun to serve with Attributes people. I reported a bit late, though.

Thanks, Audrey jie, for the nasi lemak treat!

It was ministry weekend, so it was extremely crowded after the service.
People were flocking in Hall 603 to look at the different the church ministry.

Do join Attributes, ok?

Hopefully we made a good sales as well due to the large number of people there.
We then had dinner at Marina Square as many places were too full.

230720112565 230720112563 230720112566

Need to cheaper dining place next time.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 23, July, 2011

To build a church with a strong spiritual atmosphere of faith and purity,
where every member is released into ministry,
discipled in the Great Commandment to obey the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.


Above is CHC’s mission statement.
As you can, the underlined statement is the topic of sermon last Saturday.

Pastor Kong explained to us 5 reasons why we should serve.

1.) As I serve, I am pleasing God.
2.) As I serve, I am developing skills for success.
3.) As I serve, I am making a difference in someone else.
4.) As I serve, I am yielding closer to God.
5.) As I serve, I am investing toward heavenly reward.

Indeed, ministry is serving God through serving people.
But of course, how can we serve those we do not know if we do not start serving other Christians first?
Serving in ministry is one proof that we love God with all our strength, indeed.

Are you in any ministry?
If not, do quickly sign up for one, ok?

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FB Status of the Day

“If you don’t share someone’s pain, you can never understand them. But just because you understand them doesn’t mean you can come to an agreement. That’s the truth.”
-Nagato (Naruto)-


‎”When people get hurt, they learn to hate… when people hurt others, they become hated and racked with guilt. But knowing that pain allows people to be kind. Pain allows people to grow… and how you grow is up to you.”
-Jiraiya (Naruto)-


Sometimes, by going through the pain, we can fully understand others who are in pain..

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CG Bowling Session 21, July, 2011

The guys went for bowling session whereas the girls went for make up lesson.
Sounds like a great outing plan.

210720112513 210720112511 210720112512

210720112516 210720112524 210720112526

But more importantly, the score was pretty exciting too.

210720112549 210720112550

I had a back ache, so I did not join them.

We played this one too.

What a great fun!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, July, 2011

A sermon by Pastor Kong during the Emerge weekend service.

Israel was a stiff necked people. One day God told Moses He would just give the Promised Land but He Himself would not go with them.
Moses appealed to Him. He wanted God to move in the midst of the nation.
Here are his prayer request:

a.) Moses wanted to know God’s ways.
That is, Moses wanted to know how to please Him.

b.) Moses wanted to experience God’s presence.
God’s presence is not mere theological concept. His presence can be physically felt. For them, it was in the form of pillar of cloud and fire.
We too can experience His presence.

c.) Moses wanted to see God’s glory.

All in all, Moses wanted God, the Blesser, much more than the blessing.
How about us?

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Joke of the Day

Q: Why was Joseph able to resist Potiphar’s wife’s seductive attempt?

A: Aggressive woman was not his type.

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Picture of the Day


A birthday present for a friend.

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Emerge Weekend Service 16, July, 2011

Yup, everybody emerged, especially the youth.
Success is not a success unless there are successors. Hence, Emerge service is dedicated to the youth in CHC.
They are the next generation of leaders, bringers of even bigger revival.

I may not be as young as them anymore.
Yet, in terms of strength I do not lose to them.
(arrogant mode)


Praise and worship was led by youth who never had had any experience on stage.

160720112478  160720112479  160720112481 

160720112482  160720112485  160720112486

Performance to show case their creativity.


Drama by them and they never had had any professional training in it.

160720112488 160720112491 160720112496 160720112489

Memorizing Bible verses and testing their Bible knowledge.


Rock Metal? Anyway, it reminds me of Killer Bee Naruto.

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