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CG Meeting 30h, June, 2011

Recently, I had been bringing laptop to CG. Hence, I typed the sermon in it directly.
The sermon is very very very good. Check it out:

Renewing Our Commitment to Christ

Why do we go through storms in life?
1.) Because we disobey God. Storms are there so I will repent.
2.) Because we obey God. The devil throws storm to me. This is spiritual warfare.
3.) Because of others’ fault.

God is good, He does not allow me to have tragic ending. Storm is just like spiritual resistance training so I develop spiritual muscle. Every opposition challenges me on my commitment to Christ. Storm is a test whether I am strong in the LORD.

John 6

When I meet difficult circumstance, do I still stick to Jesus? 5000 people decided to turn their back to Jesus, Peter decided to still stick to Him. It is not about money or possession. Peter knew Jesus had (has) eternal life.

When I am in the storm, is Christ still Christ in my life?

If I want to walk with God:

1.) I need to put aside distraction in my life.
a. Remove it so I can come close to the LORD.
b. Distraction = what the world offers and what God offers. World offers material possession. However, even if I possess everything, I may not be happy. Instead, I am to love the Blesser more than the blessing.
c. I make God number one in life. I need to know the reason why God is the number one in life. For Peter, it was because he knew the eternal life was (is) in Jesus.

2.) I need to build my life on Jesus.
a. Does Jesus live in my heart?
b. I may not be perfect, but Jesus makes me more and more like Him.

3.) Continually sow in the spirit
a. Do I want eternal life? I continually sow in the spirit. Hence, there is longevity in life.
b. I keep praying, keep reading the Bible.
c. I keep relying on God’s strength rather than my own strength.
d. Every day I have an encounter with God. It is daily manna.

4.) Burn the bridges to my past.
a. A dog without vision returns to its vomit.
b. There is no turning back in God. I keep following God.
c. Who is the only one deserving my life? God.

Sueann brought muffin for us!! Open-mouthed smile (while I did my job as a tax collector Smile with tongue out)

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