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‎”Mine obsidian blade shall split atwain the threads of thy future, whilst its crimson fuller shalt channel the lifeblood of thy past. Now wail as thy soul is bestrewn across the plains of Valhalla!”
-Odin (Final Fantasy)-


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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 2, July, 2011

Church service was awesome. Pastor Kong preached about the healing of a blind man near the Temple.

1.) The man was born blind.
Sadly, the disciples had no pity on him. Instead, they were more interested in theology: whose sin was it?

(Indeed, bad things do happen to good people as we are living in the broken down, fallen, cursed world.
Actually, in the beginning God did not create sickness. Because of Adam’s sin, sadly, God had to punish this entire world. Lord Jesus came here to undo the effect of sin and to restore the world to its original design: no suffering and sickness.)

Lord Jesus, on the other hand, focused more on how to help him. While the disciples thought of the cause (that is, the past), Lord Jesus thought of the solution (that is, the future).

Lesson #1: Think of the solution, not the cause. Sometimes, suffering is not necessarily caused by any particular sin.

2.) Lord Jesus used dust to heal his eyes.
Some scholars believe this man was born without any eye balls, only with eye socket.
Remember how God created man? From the dust of the ground.
So, Lord Jesus did similar thing: creating two eye balls from the dust.

Lesson #2: Genesis is reliable. God created life, life never arises from evolution.

Every time this man walked on the ground, he walked on his potential eyes.

Lesson #3: God often uses something near us to bring about the miracle we need.

3.) Lord Jesus told him to wash at the pool of Siloam.
Mind you, this pool was located 800 m away from him… and he was a blind beggar!! No one would be willing to help him.
Yet, he obeyed God until the end. In the end, he received His miracle.

Lesson #4: Whatever God says, just do it

Great sermon, isn’t it?

We then had dinner at one hawker center near NTU.

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Togetherness is important Smile

SPMS Feast 30, June, 2011

Another free food for me.
See, my life is full with freebies Smile with tongue out

Praise the LORD! Open-mouthed smile



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Photo of the Day

Given by a friend as a birthday gift.
Whoa! Thanks!!


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