Mistakes. Failures. Carelessness

I had been careless over the weekend.
As a result, it cost me quite some time and money to fix it today.

Mistakes, failures, carelessness.
They all show how imperfect human being is.
If we were to be so perfect so as to never make any of them, we would become self-sufficient.
That implies we would no longer need God.
Eventually, we would be full of pride and would choose to stay away from God.

Why does God allow us to make any of them even after we follow Him?
Typically, whenever we make mistakes/failures/carelessness, we are talking about physical things, material things or things of this world.
Making mistake will make us realize that our heart should always be set upon God, not upon natural things.

So, what does God do in this situation?
God, the loving Father we follow, will make sure we are able to bear the mistake/failure/carelessness.
After all, nothing happens outside His control.
In the end, He will restore to us things which are lost.

Keep believing in Him.


Posted July 11, 2011 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Bible Study, Thought

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