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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 9, July, 2011

It was my team’s chance again to set up the bookstore at Suntec.
But first, before I came to Suntec, I had gone to NUS for a friend’s convocation.

Congratulations, Melodie!
I am sure you will make a good teacher in the future.

I managed to arrive at Suntec earlier than expected.
Exercise time began.

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There wasn’t any particular promotion other than membership drive.
Yet, the queue was pretty long.

At the end of duty, we celebrated Kit Qin’s birthday. Happy birthday, Kit Qin!

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The cake was especially made by my godmother. How cooler can you get?

Last but not least, she passed me some banana cupcakes.


Thank you so much, Mommy!

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Picture of the Day

Obito Uchiha-2b

Reduced to ashes..

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