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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, July, 2011

A sermon by Pastor Kong during the Emerge weekend service.

Israel was a stiff necked people. One day God told Moses He would just give the Promised Land but He Himself would not go with them.
Moses appealed to Him. He wanted God to move in the midst of the nation.
Here are his prayer request:

a.) Moses wanted to know God’s ways.
That is, Moses wanted to know how to please Him.

b.) Moses wanted to experience God’s presence.
God’s presence is not mere theological concept. His presence can be physically felt. For them, it was in the form of pillar of cloud and fire.
We too can experience His presence.

c.) Moses wanted to see God’s glory.

All in all, Moses wanted God, the Blesser, much more than the blessing.
How about us?

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Joke of the Day

Q: Why was Joseph able to resist Potiphar’s wife’s seductive attempt?

A: Aggressive woman was not his type.

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