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Joke of the Day

Q: Why was Joseph able to resist Potiphar’s wife’s seductive attempt?

A: Aggressive woman was not his type.

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Picture of the Day


A birthday present for a friend.

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Emerge Weekend Service 16, July, 2011

Yup, everybody emerged, especially the youth.
Success is not a success unless there are successors. Hence, Emerge service is dedicated to the youth in CHC.
They are the next generation of leaders, bringers of even bigger revival.

I may not be as young as them anymore.
Yet, in terms of strength I do not lose to them.
(arrogant mode)


Praise and worship was led by youth who never had had any experience on stage.

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160720112482  160720112485  160720112486

Performance to show case their creativity.


Drama by them and they never had had any professional training in it.

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Memorizing Bible verses and testing their Bible knowledge.


Rock Metal? Anyway, it reminds me of Killer Bee Naruto.

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 10, July, 2011

It’s rather late to post here, I know. Yet, it is still interesting to remember.
After all, we are supposed to meditate on God’s word, aren’t we?

Pastor Tan preached from the book of Genesis.
Somehow, Genesis depicts many stories of comparison between people who obeyed God and people who disobeyed God.

Jacob’s two sons, Judah and Joseph, for instance:
– Judah gave in to his fleshly lust. He made love with a “prostitute”, not knowing she was her daughter in law in disguise.
– Joseph, on the other hand, resisted sexual temptation from Potiphar’s wife by running away from her.

Isaac’s two sons, Esau and Jacob, is another example:
– Esau became the father of the Edomites. Interestingly, these people came up with sophisticated system of kings and kingdoms way before Israel even had a king. Sadly, these people never drew close to God.
– Jacob, although was not as smart as Esau in building such complicated societal system, often walked according to God’s direction.

Cain and Seth, another example:
– Cain fled away from God’s presence after murdering Abel.
– Seth and his descendants always walked with God.

So, which example do we follow?
Do we walk with God or do we flee away from God?

(Get your copy of this sermon in if you miss it, ok?)

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A thought which popped during one of quiet times.
While it is perfectly fine we think a lot about how to make money, to get A, or to build a family, we should always remember about eternity too.
There are eternal things which we need to prepare while we are living on earth.
At least there are two things we can do now which affect our eternity

1.) When we bless the poor, there is heavenly reward in it.
2.) We reach out to the lost as their eternal salvation is determined in this life.

So, let’s keep blessing others in both material and spiritual things, shall we?

“Life is preparation for eternity.”
-Pastor Rick Warren-

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Picture of the Day


A cute visitor who happened to be around in the lab.
Should have escorted him out, though, as it is not safe to be in the lab for a visitor like him.

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 9, July, 2011

It was my team’s chance again to set up the bookstore at Suntec.
But first, before I came to Suntec, I had gone to NUS for a friend’s convocation.

Congratulations, Melodie!
I am sure you will make a good teacher in the future.

I managed to arrive at Suntec earlier than expected.
Exercise time began.

090720112463 090720112465 090720112467 090720112466

There wasn’t any particular promotion other than membership drive.
Yet, the queue was pretty long.

At the end of duty, we celebrated Kit Qin’s birthday. Happy birthday, Kit Qin!

090720112472 090720112473

The cake was especially made by my godmother. How cooler can you get?

Last but not least, she passed me some banana cupcakes.


Thank you so much, Mommy!

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