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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 30, July, 2011

Stay courageous.
In the midst of raging sea, stay bold.

Apostle Paul had such a hard life.
Again and again, he experienced conflict after conflict for the sake of the churches.
One time, he advised the ship crew not to sail.
Yet, people did not listen to him. They insisted on sailing.
At the end, they experienced boisterous storm.

For Apostle Paul, it was not his fault that he experienced difficulty.
For ship crew, it was their fault.
Yet, regardless of all, God still delivered all of them.

Lesson: regardless whether it is your mistake or others’ mistake, God can still deliver you from your trouble.
Keep believing in Him, ok?

How to be courageous like Apostle Paul?
1.) Stick to Lord Jesus.
2.) Get planted in the house of God.

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