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SPMS Staff Banquet 4, August, 2011

Nice and free foods.
That’s why, you should come to SPMS, ok?



The venue of banquet is just outside my lab.
How more convenient can you get?

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Unbelief vs Faith

I wrote it some time ago.
Yet, this thought popped up again during Friday Festival of Praise.

Do not think it is a light mattert to doubt Jehovah.
(It) is criminal in the highest degree.
-Charles Spurgeon)-

Yes, you saw it right.
Unbelief is a criminal.
Not an ordinary one, but it is criminal in the highest degree.

We sometimes struggle between believing God and doubting Him.
Just, how powerful is God from the point of view of other intelligent beings, like angels and demons?

Angels never doubted what God is capable of doing.
They were there witnessing how God created the earth and the entire universe.

(Job 38:7. The word “sons of God” is originated from “bene elohim”, which means directly created by God.
Regardless of what “scientists” say about the origin of the universe, there are actually plenty scientific evidences which support Genesis.)

Even demons never once doubted God’s power.
Legion of demons knew Jesus, God the Son, has the power to instantly sent them into Abyss (Luke 8:31)

So, we see angels and demons never had any unbelief in God’s power.
Out of all intelligent beings, we should feel ashamed of ourselves of ever doubting God’s power.
Unbelief actually makes us “lower” than the demons.

If God says “Do not fear”, do we still fear?
If God says “Do not worry”, do we still worry?
If God says “I am with you”, do we still think we are alone?

As we enjoy our weekend, let’s reconsider our faith in God.
As the citizens of the kingdom of God, do we abide the law by keep believing God?
Or, do we commit the crime of unbelief?

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