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Pastor John Bevere’s and Pastor Kong Hee’s Sermons 5, August and 7, August, 2011

Pastor John preached about extraordinary life as a result of receiving God’s grace in our life.
Hmm, extraordinary; more than the average.
Daniel lived one. He was ten times brighter than his peers.
I can be at least like him too, for the glory of God!

Related to that, Pastor Kong preached about doing more than expected.
Sometimes, little things and details around us are the keys to determine destiny.
Don’t neglect the details, shall we?
While we do more, we might feel time constraint. Hence, we need to move fast.

Add oil!
Let’s shine for God!

(Missed the sermons? Check them out at Smile)

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Photos of the Day


My supervisor passed this to me last Monday as he asked for my help to draw some pictures on MS Word for him.



Big dinner with my big god-family and god-family in law yesterday during National Day.
Such a fun filled time.
Praise the LORD!!

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