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Sermon Review VIII: Growing Spiritually at Work

Gen 2:2-3, 15. Col 3:23.

God is working God. Average people spend about 40% of their life working. Many people dislike their job or work simply because they have to.
However, a work in itself is God’s plan for us.
In Genesis, God was busy working. God created Adam to work, to tend the garden.
God made human being to work and through work God accomplishes His plan for me.
Whatever I work as, I do it as if I work for God.

God wants me to know and love Him.
God wants me to grow in character to be like Him.
God wants me to use my talents to serve others.
God wants me to share the good news of His love with others.

My work, my study is the place to achieve these four goals.
God uses problem, people and pressure to help me grow spiritually at work.

God uses problem to change my character: Rm 5:3-5. God does not want me to have a weak character. God wants me be more godly, to be a better child of God. As I work in my office, God works in me.
God uses people at my work to teach me love. When there are people, there are disappointment and hurt. By nature, human is selfish. Yet, we love them just like God loves us. Rm 12:18. Whether they are demanding, dishonest, disagreeable, demeaning or defensive people, we are to love them still.
God uses pressure to clarify my priorities. Every time I feel pressure, it may mean my priority is incorrect. I should not blame others first, I may need to reevaluate my life: taking responsibility, keeping promises, meeting deadlines, staying diligent, working even without supervision.

Our work matters to God.
Will I cooperate with God in my work?

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