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Sermon Review XI: Left Here for A Purpose (Part B)

A sermon by Pastor Phil Pringle.
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Titus 1:5

Jesus Christ left me here for a reason.
I just need to do whatever God wants me to do.
Apostle Paul wants Titus to win the entire city of Crete for God.
God wants His house to be full.

They were elders over the cities, not over the church.
Elders should see the entire city as their congregation.
Hence, they should try to win the whole city.

Elders are the people who have touched God.

Ezekiel 1:1-10

The touch of God can happen even in the midst of vile places.
God gave vision because vision is a creative force.
Vision changes our thought and hence directs where we move.
God can do exceedingly more than we think: our thought is as loud as our prayer.
We need to ask God for a vision for our life.

Prophet Ezekiel saw the glory of God.
Let’s keep looking at God no matter how difficult our situation is.
Like Moses climbing up to the glory of God, he saw the finger of God writing on stones.
Similarly, when we enter into God’s presence, He engraves our destiny.

Angels have four faces.
Human: we are just ordinary human being.
Lion: authority over the devil.
Oxen: bears the burden and serves.
Eagle: spiritual life.

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Sermon Review X: Left Here for A Purpose (Part A)

Titus 1:5

Cretans people were known as liars. Titus was left there to deal with lying people.
Similarly, God has left me here for a reason.

Titus was to choose elders in the city, not in church.
The whole city has to be won for God. The future of the church is not inside, but outside.
We can’t just sit down calmly while there are so many people going to Christ-less eternity.

Apostle Paul chose to leave Titus as he knew that he was with Titus, Titus would not release his full potential.

All of Christians are on this earth for a reason.
The Holy Spirit gives all of us a mission.

Jeremiah 1:4-8

Do we know why we are here?
We need to use our gifts for the kingdom of God. If it is money generating, we need to generate money for God. If it is gift of prophecy, let’s prophesy for others.
If it is the gift in business, let’s use it for: to reach people in the marketplace. Money screams. The Bible was written mainly by rich people.

We should not think we are too young or too broken to carry out God’s mission for us.
It is because God does not look for our capability, only our availability/willingness.

Ezekiel 1:1-21
Ezekiel was in exile, in occultist Babylonians but heaven was open to him. Similarly, as Christians, heaven is always open to us.
We are left among the liars, among the sinners because God wants us to bring open heaven to them.

Ezekiel saw the cloud symbolizing the presence of God.
We are to bring God’s presence wherever we are.

The angels had face of human: we are ordinary human being
Face of lion: we are to rule with heavenly authority.
Face of oxen: we are to serve and work.
Face of eagle: we are to maintain our spirituality.

Their wings spread upward: life of prayer.
Their wings touched one another: prayer in agreement.
The fire touched them all: ministering to one another.

The living beings move and the wheels follow them.
Church organization has to follow the ministers, not the organization dictation the ministers what to do.

The story of prodigal son reminds us what church is supposed to be.
A prodigal son realizes he suffers a lot in the midst of pig.
He wants to return to his father.
Similarly, a church has to be so shining that non-believers will want to enjoy church more than his own world.

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