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Dr. Bernard’s Sermon 27, August, 2011

Dr. Bernard shared his heart about the recent case of Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK).
Since he was personally involved in it, he regretted the decision of Defense Attorney to dismiss the charge against DSK.

Moving on from that case, he taught us from God’s word “to be as wise as serpent and as harmless as dove.”
Lord Jesus has called us into the world as “sheep in the midst of wolves.”
By becoming wise, we can out-maneuver the wolves in this world.
Yet, by becoming harmless, we will not become defiled like them.

Such a timely message.
CHC itself has suffered from all sorts of slandering since last year.
We are really “sheep in the midst of wolves”.
But interestingly, all this slandering has never been proven until now.
I wonder when the police will declare us innocent..?

It was a timely message for a CG member too.
He and his colleague has decided to move into a new company.
They have suffered slandering in their current company even though they have evidence to show that they are innocent.

It is a timely message for me too.
I have some disagreement with NTU Alumni Club.
I shall update it when I have reached the conclusion, ok?

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