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My supervisor passed these moon cakes to us.

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Berry berry nice.

Below is my dinner time with friends.

170820112710 170820112711

Pizza and beer, hmm, yummy!
It was also my first time to go to Pitch Stop at Innovation Center, NTU.

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Gathering 16, August, 2011


Nice gathering with three girls.
Do you envy me?


Are you hungry?


Nice evening with them.

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Prayer Request of the Day

Hmm, many people fell sick or experiencing difficult situation.
I shall pray for them.

T.M.L. = Healing from bacterial infection in lung.
A.L       = Restoration and peace in family.
K.S.     = Protection upon journey and strength as the family is having unexpected shock.
Z.Y.L   = Healing, no more cough.
V.T.    = Healing from pain in gum.
J.J.      = Blessing in study.
J.C.    = Spiritual strength in the midst of persecution in the family.

Be blessed you all.
In the mighty name of Lord Jesus God!

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Dinner and Lunch 13, August, 2011


Met Audrey jie at Swensen Marina Square.
Thank you so much for the lunch treat, jie!


Had dinner with CG at Thai restaurant.

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Sermon Review IX: Trials of Faith

A sermon from Pastor Phil Pringle.

Praise is the atmosphere of triumph in the midst of trial. We should never underestimate the power of praise. In fact, the church should be the house of praise.
In the book of Ruth, Elimelech and his family left Bethlehem Judah (house of bread of praise) and went to Moab. There Elimelech and his two sons died, leaving behind Naomi and the two daughters in law. One of them is Ruth. Naomi planned to return to Bethlehem Judah. There Naomi and Ruth met Boaz.

– Lesson: when we left the house of praise, death comes. But, when we return to the house of God, we meet Jesus again, our Source and Provider.


It is normal to have trials. If you do not want them, don’t become Christians.

James 1:2,12; 1 Pet 4:12; Rm 5:3

Be happy when trouble comes. Don’t get nervous, instead say, “This is good for me.” When we look back, we will laugh it off. So, if it is gonna be funny later, it is funny now too.
As I go through hardship, I will be equipped for future. Without wilderness, there is no Canaan.
Without trial, my faith can never grow. Sometimes our biggest problem is our biggest opportunity. God does not send trial to weaken me, but to strengthen me.
Life is gonna be tough. It is never easy. Marriage can be hell. Church life can be difficult. Lord Jesus called us to pick up cross and follow Him.
In the midst of trials, we live by promises, not by explanation. Life can be quite a mystery. Hence, we should always trust God.
All kinds of troubles come even if we live righteously, yet God delivers us from them. We just need to be faithful in the midst of temptation of not being faithful.
Even Lord Jesus experienced suffering. Why don’t we? We can endure it through Christ who strengthens us.

What is the purpose of trial?
1.) Patience. Patience is capacity to cope. Impatient people can’t cope much in life. Patient people can bear with life in great attitude for a long time. Trials of faith helps me to have bigger patience. With bigger capacity, I can become bigger person.
2.) Hope. With good character, I can expect good future. Pain trains my character.
3.) Glory. There is glory in my future. It does not have to be glory in heaven. It can be glory I enjoy on earth. Trials are like simulator for my future. David experienced this simulator through killing lions and bears. All that prepared him to face Goliath. Gad always has a plan behind all trials.
4.) Authority to reign in life. Every time I pass through the pain, there is crown of glory in the end.


How do I travel through trial?
1.) Keep having faith in God.
2.) Speak God’s word as faith overcomes discouragement.
3.) Keep the vision alive. I keep looking unto Jesus Lord, the Provider of miracle.

Acts 27-28.
Apostle Paul had experienced storms although it was not his fault. Yet, through storm, he started a national revival in Malta.
A snake bit him. Yet, he did not die. That snake bite became an eye-opener for the people around him.
Apostle Paul then healed the sick at Malta and had a chance to evangelize them.

There is always beauty after trial.

(Did you miss the sermon? Check it out at, ok? Smile)

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Sermon Review VIII: Growing Spiritually at Work

Gen 2:2-3, 15. Col 3:23.

God is working God. Average people spend about 40% of their life working. Many people dislike their job or work simply because they have to.
However, a work in itself is God’s plan for us.
In Genesis, God was busy working. God created Adam to work, to tend the garden.
God made human being to work and through work God accomplishes His plan for me.
Whatever I work as, I do it as if I work for God.

God wants me to know and love Him.
God wants me to grow in character to be like Him.
God wants me to use my talents to serve others.
God wants me to share the good news of His love with others.

My work, my study is the place to achieve these four goals.
God uses problem, people and pressure to help me grow spiritually at work.

God uses problem to change my character: Rm 5:3-5. God does not want me to have a weak character. God wants me be more godly, to be a better child of God. As I work in my office, God works in me.
God uses people at my work to teach me love. When there are people, there are disappointment and hurt. By nature, human is selfish. Yet, we love them just like God loves us. Rm 12:18. Whether they are demanding, dishonest, disagreeable, demeaning or defensive people, we are to love them still.
God uses pressure to clarify my priorities. Every time I feel pressure, it may mean my priority is incorrect. I should not blame others first, I may need to reevaluate my life: taking responsibility, keeping promises, meeting deadlines, staying diligent, working even without supervision.

Our work matters to God.
Will I cooperate with God in my work?

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Warcraft again!!!

A few soundtrack which can open my eyes big big to prevent sleepiness.

You can sense the heroic rhythm toward the end.

Soundtrack when you build this and that.

This music gives en eerie feel.

Nice drumbeat.

Hope you like them too.

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Doing more than Expected

The CG Sermon resounds the same like Pastor Kong’s sermon last weekend: doing more than expected.
Not that I do not want to do so, but because it may be tough for me.
Internet has been pretty a distraction from my work. I guess I shall do more than expected: plug out the internet wire temporarily whenever I feel distracted. Of course, I will not call email a distraction.
In terms of ministry, I think I will exercise more: serve together with team A for half duty like I had used to do in Expo. I have been seeing flab here and there. Hmmm, no good.

Team A, be prepared to see me, ok?

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Pastor John Bevere’s and Pastor Kong Hee’s Sermons 5, August and 7, August, 2011

Pastor John preached about extraordinary life as a result of receiving God’s grace in our life.
Hmm, extraordinary; more than the average.
Daniel lived one. He was ten times brighter than his peers.
I can be at least like him too, for the glory of God!

Related to that, Pastor Kong preached about doing more than expected.
Sometimes, little things and details around us are the keys to determine destiny.
Don’t neglect the details, shall we?
While we do more, we might feel time constraint. Hence, we need to move fast.

Add oil!
Let’s shine for God!

(Missed the sermons? Check them out at Smile)

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Photos of the Day


My supervisor passed this to me last Monday as he asked for my help to draw some pictures on MS Word for him.



Big dinner with my big god-family and god-family in law yesterday during National Day.
Such a fun filled time.
Praise the LORD!!

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