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CG Meeting 29, September, 2011

Notes for CG meeting yesterday.

Nehemiah 3.
Old Gates = truth that has stood the time. Pro 3:10.
From the old, we can build the new.

1.) Prayer.

2.) Relationship.

3.) Discipleship.

4.) Ministry.

5.) Evangelism (people need the LORD). Every service is full with people.

Sheep Gates: pastoral ministry. Loving God and people. Relationship is not built by chance.
Discipleship. Only disciples are qualified to be Christians. You and I need discipler so we can grow. Importance of discipleship:

– We can be inspired. Even the apostles were inspired to pray like Lord Jesus.
– We can be trained. Disciples learn discipline in the work of Christ
– We can be encouraged. Sometimes we feel discouraged and like giving up.
– We can be admonished. We need some correction, adjustment and some rebuke.
– We can be accountable. Without the disciplers, we can’t grow mature in God. I need to always appreciate them.
What are the ingredients to build relationship? It takes a lifetime to build relationship.

Who is discipling me? Who is encouraging me when I am down? Who can I be accountable to?

Afterwards, we had CG refreshment Smile


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There is this organization which is closely related to a university in Singapore.
During one of the road shows, this organization promised to people that they could terminate the organization membership after certain number of years.
Quite a number of people signed up to be the members.

After certain number of years, some people who had initially signed up wanted to terminate the membership.
Surprisingly, this organization refused the termination application even though those people pointed the promise again and again.
If they wanted to terminate, they had to pay some huge lump sum.

The people launched complaints after complaints. Yet, this organization refused.
In the end, these people reported this organization to the university.

The university took an action and had discussion with the management of this organization.
After this discussion, the organization (reluctantly) kept their promise.
Now, the members can leave the organization for free.

Wonder. Really wonder.
Why was it so difficult for this organization to keep their promise?
Why was their word not their bond?

I shall not become like them.

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A treat last Saturday.
Thanks a lot, Audrey jie!

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Photo of the Day: Warcraft Ending

Warcraft ending

Just finished playing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
And here is the ending picture.
Shall continue with Hard mode in the future.
Seriously… the ending made me laugh like mad!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, September, 2011

It was a sermon to prepare us for upcoming building fund.
Last year we did not have any due to financial investigation.
I seriously seriously seriously wonder when they will just declare us innocent.

Anyway, there are 5 DNA of CHC:
1.) Relationship.
2.) Prayer.
3.) Discipleship.
4.) Ministry.
5.) Evangelism.

Also, we all will go ahead with Suntec deal.
We won’t decentralize the church and try to build a new convention center.

The theme for this Arise and Build is “My Church My Life”.
Indeed, CHC plays a big part in my life.

Looking forward to the miracle in Arise and Build.

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Pastor Kong preached a very good message last weekend.
One of the DNA of CHC is discipleship.
Discipleship is a process of making believers mature in God.

Joshua grew under the tutelage of Moses.
The 12 apostles had Lord Jesus as their Mentor.
Apostle Paul learnt about Lord Jesus from other believers too in his early Christian walk.
Timothy, in turn, was like a son to Apostle Paul.

At times, I feel reluctant to be discipled.
However, I need to hear some correction about myself.
After all, almost all good medicine tastes bitter.

Time to open up myself.

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Second Chance


I wrote about “No Second Chance” some time ago.
Yesterday, I saw a man, presumably an ex-offender, selling this key chain.
50% of the money will be used to help an ex-offender rebuilding his life.

Well, I guess an ex-offender should get a second chance too.
After all, the LORD has forgiven me many times and given me many chances.
Should I not do the same to others, then?

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FB Status of the Day: Desert Song

‎”All of my life, in every season, You are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship.”

Yeah, yeah, I know, I have not been posting on this blog.
Very very very busy recently. Nevertheless,

This song really reminds me of God’s sovereignty in life.
God is in control, always is.
Keep trusting His love for us, shall we?

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Baby Dedication Service 17, September, 2011

Babies. Adorable babies! I want to have many many MANY kids in the future.
A saying in Indonesia: “Banyak anak banyak rejeki.” (translation: more kids more blessing)



How many kids do you want to have?
Or, how many kids do you already have? Do you want to have more?

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FB Status of the Day

“Everyone’s battle to death.”

Keep moving.
Fight like you never fought before.
It’s a matter between life or death.

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