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Sermon Review XI: The Power to Get Wealth (Pastor Phil Pringle)

Deuteronomy 8:18

The Holy Spirit has given me the power the get wealth.
The first step to activate this power is to agree with what God says.

Side Note: God has given us the power to “create” things too: a.) physically (when we get married, we create life by having babies) b.) inventively (through our mind) c.) vocal creation (through our words)

Business people are part of ministry.
Ministry is more than just preaching.
Business people should have credibility in their voice.
Money is a powerful force. Christian businessmen should have this in mind: to transfer the billions and billions of dollars from the hands of unbelievers into the hands of people who serve God. They can build more churches and expand the kingdom of God.

1.) There is anointing to anything. There is anointing to be a good father, to raise kids and even to business.
2.) Remember. Always put God in mind in the midst of meeting. As I look to God, God grants me idea and wisdom. Not only in mind, I remember God in term of money. My remembering has to always involve action. I remember God in my tithing.

Side Note: Pastor Phil senses there will be great difficulty coming ahead upon the whole earth. However, there will be great revival as churches are built everywhere. For that to happen, more Christian businessmen will rise up to fund the church building.

Who are we? We the children of promise, just like Isaac. Whatever has been promised like Abraham, has been promised to us. (Gal 4:28)
What is the promise? Being the heir of the world through Christ Jesus, not just some piece of land. (Rm 4:13)

Gen 31:10. Gen 30:32-43
When the Holy Spirit comes, He gives vision and dream. By dream strategy, Jacob transferred the wealth from the wicked to the seed of Abraham.
Don’t underestimate the power of dream.
Laban was so tricky and deceived Jacob again and again. We may have unjust employer. But, God definitely will act on our behalf.
We need to share our vision with people around us, paint it so they can see it too.

Genesis 26:12
Isaac = laughter. Anointed people have good sense of humor.
Isaac sowed in land plagued with famine. Just because we’re having tough time in business, it does not mean we should do business in wicked ways or we should leave the church. Let’s stay obedient to God in the midst of difficulty. I keep sowing in the church even when it is financially inconvenient.

Gen 41
Joseph kept his heart pure even though he was treated unjustly by his brothers and by Potiphar’s wife.
Blessed are the pure for they shall see God.
Only the pure in heart will see vision from God.
Just like Joseph who interpreted the dreams of others, we too should serve others to achieve their vision.
Just like Joseph who treated every one well, we too should treat others well as we never know what others can do for us.
Joseph shaved and changed clothes before meeting Pharaoh. Sometimes, we need to change our appearance to embrace our vision.
Joseph declared God’s glory in advance. We, too, should always lean on God.
Joseph remained humble when he suggested the solution to the Pharaoh. We should always be humble too.
Don’t spend all the money. Do store it against future famine.


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