Summary of Saturday’s Happening 3, September, 2011

Met Boon Kiat at Jurong West to set up the bookstore.
It was just a one weekend service.
Yeap, we had to move out of Suntec for one weekend due to Comex.


We celebrated Audrey jie’s birthday!

I served from opening until closing.
Nevertheless, I took a break by going in for 5.30 pm service and then had dinner with CG people.

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Hokkien Mee and Sour Plum. Hmm, yummy! (actually, any food is yummy for empty tummy)

We ended the duty very late due to surplus money.
Well, the cashier had been on break for a looong time,that’s why. She might need time to re-adjust to cashier life again Smile with tongue out


Thank you so much for this chocolate, jie!


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